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BFI Flare 2018: Love, Simon

A light-hearted romantic comedy is as essential to adolescent life as heartbreak and rebellion. Yet, for years, the only romcoms found in the mainstream were...

Film & TV LGBT+

What is BFI Flare 2018?

BFI Flare is an event that celebrates and showcases the best of LGBTQ+ cinema every year without fail and is one which has grown exponentially in recent...


Do We Need Pride? LGBT+

Do we need Pride? Is it a Party or a Protest?
February is a busy month for most students. Exams are over, and lectures take over our lives once again...


Your Stories: LGBT+

We’ve watched as celebrities have taken the plunge, willingly or not, and have come out to millions of people. Ellen Page, Raven Symone, Caitlyn Jenner, Sam...


Grinding You Down

Andy Love on gay dating in the 21st century
“Hey, how are you doing?” “I’m good, how are you?” “I’m good. What are...


Well I would give blood, if I could

A brief analysis at the rules and regulations of the life saving process of giving blood.
Currently UK guidelines prohibit the donation of blood from men who...

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The Story of Our Allies

An anonymous trans* student talks about his experiences with allies.
Transitioning to male within an all-female environment made the last few years of school...


50 shades of gender

Quench’s LGBT+ editor Emrhys Pickup discusses Facebook’s recent addition of over 50 gender identities and a new pronoun option to user’s basic...


LGBT+ Progress

Quench are going to be looking at some of the life-changing progress that has been made in the different areas of LGBT+ throughout history. From the new...


Speaking Trans*

With the advent of social media, everybody can simultaneously produce and consume media. Lubna Anani looks at how this has helped trans* people represent...