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The Dark Side of Reality TV?

By Bethany Griffiths
I think it’s safe to say that this summer could go down in history as being one of the most eventful the UK has ever seen (probably a...


The Magic Gang- UK Tour

The Magic Gang are heading out on tour with Sundara Karma this Autumn. The Magic Gang are no strangers to touring with other big names including Wolf Alice...


Cardiff Uni France Surf Trip!

Beach parties, bikini weather and bell tents in the sunny South of France… What better a way to celebrate the end of this grim time of dissertations and...


What is Benevolent Sexism?

By Maria Mellor
When you think of sexism, an image that may come to mind is that of the pig-headed idiots in the comments section of YouTube who think...

Film & TV

Review: Spectre

After mass promotion and media build-up the latest James Bond film, Spectre finally opens onto Day of the Dead, Mexico City, with a long continuous moving...


Review: Leviathan, Sherman Theatre

From its humble beginnings in 2004, Òran Mór’s a Play, a Pie & a Pint series has enjoyed massive success the world over, and it’s easy to see why...


Funny Business

Laughing gas has become more than a drug, it’s now a commodity that businesses are built upon. And despite pressure from local government and the police...


Interview: Menace Beach

Dillon Eastoe chats to Menace Beach singer and guitarist Ryan Needham about their freshman release, reading the reviews and keeping it real
Two years after...

Food & Drink

Food As Art

Kathryn Lewis takes a look at how our plates are becoming frames for our foodie conquests
There was a time when food solely served a nutritional purpose; food...


Quench Workshops: Reviews

We at Quench have decided we want to share what we know with anybody at Cardiff University. Disclaimer: we’re not professionals, but we try our darned...

Film & TV

Review: Boyhood

Inventive in its production; Richard Linklater’s Boyhood depicts the growth of a boy through his adolescence, the trials his family face and the...

Film & TV

Shows Cancelled Before Their Time

Nothing lasts forever.
Throughout the calendar year, we see countless shows that fall under the axe of TV networks. If, like me, the debris of multiple...


new/newydd – December

The best new and upcoming artists to look out for this month…

There’s something incredibly appealing about PC music and PALMISTRY has got...

Food & Drink

Don’t Care, Just Eat

As students we’re familiar with the odd take away or two, and with new services such as Just Eat.com it’s becoming easier to have a wide range of...

Film & TV

Genre in Review: Musical

Continuing Film & TV’s exploration into narrative film genres; this instalment tackles the spectacle that is the Musical.
Dating back to when our parents...


Review: Simple Things – 25/10/14

We review Bristol’s premier electronic and alternative music festival, Simple Things…
How To Dress Well – Colston Hall 1
The Colston Hall has an...