Winter Wonderland is Coming to the SU!

Bethany Griffiths

Tonight (Tuesday 4th December) Periods in Poverty will be hosting their first Winter Gala at the Student’s Union! Tickets are £5 online or on the door – this is an excellent opportunity to dress fancy and have a boogie with all your flatmates before Christmas – and it’s for a wonderful cause!!

Cardiff-based charity ‘Periods in Poverty’ is run and organised entirely by students. There are many elements to the charity, and many ways to get involved, from auditing sanitary items for local charities, to helping create fundraising events. The list is endless! The main priorities of the charity are raising awareness of period poverty, having been featured on BBC Wales and other media outlets, collecting and distributing sanitary items, and campaigning for change. By attending the fundraiser tonight and donating £5 – donations of sanitary items are also appreciated -you will help the charity in their aims to help tackle period poverty in Cardiff.

It’s hard to believe that period poverty is such a big issue in Cardiff today, and many people will not believe that there are people in our own city that don’t have access to sanitary products. Although this may be difficult to imagine, this is why the charity ‘Periods in Poverty’ was created, to raise awareness and help those in need in Cardiff. It’s easy to get involved with the charity, you can sign up online on cardiffstudents.com, or get in touch with us on Facebook (just search ‘Periods in Poverty’). In the meantime, make sure to check out the Winter Gala tonight!