All Work and No Play

by Hannah Stait

We live in a society where you need to constantly be on the go, and trust me, I definitely know what that feels like. For me, I love the chaos of my day to day life but times are hard and the worst thing can be when you can feel yourself becoming more and more run down when you don’t stop for weeks on end. I love being a student here at Cardiff but it can be hard for me to feel like I’m taking everything in. I commute for over two hours a day just to attend my lectures – and trains ain’t cheap y’all, and because of that I work too which gives me the money I need to keep at my degree.

To give you a basic idea of my schedule, I’m in lectures and seminars three days a week and I work three days a week which as you can tell only gives me one day to rest or do my work. While that can be a fine schedule for some, throughout first year I definitely could feel the pressures start to get on top of me and I wasn’t sure what to do.

What I decided would be best for me and my wellbeing, would be to get a hobby. Some of you might consider me crazy for adding another thing to my crazy schedule. But what I found has helped me more then you could ever know. I’ve been part of an amateur dramatics society for two years now and I could never consider going back. Yeah, so it means four hours every week being spent singing and dancing instead of working or writing but it’s those four hours that give me peace and let me relax. Being able to be in a room full of people who love what I love and are just happy to be involved in something can really change your perspective on what is important.

I know I’m babbling away about myself, but what I’m really trying to say is that if things feel like they’re piling up and you just need a bit of a breather, find something that you genuinely love whether it be singing, sewing or exercising and take a few hours a week to just have fun and do what makes you happy! As long as you feel like you can comfortably manage the work around you, don’t ever be afraid to do something for you.

A few hours a week to worry about nothing more then what you are doing in that current moment can be the best kind of therapy, making the hard days that little bit easier. When things feel too much people tell me to give up on my performing until things get better. What I know in my heart of hearts is that if it wasn’t for performing to keep me grounded I might be even less likely to focus on what is left.

Work is important and it has to be done, but it’s so much easier to focus when you’ve given your mind a little break and allowed yourself time to really enjoy something that you’re not doing because you have to. I sit here knowing that deadlines are approaching, that I have three nine hour shifts to do this week and wondering how I’m going to be able to afford Christmas this year. Having said that, I have rehearsals for this years’ panto tonight and with me having a part this year (villager no.6 yo) I can’t seem to get the smile off of my face. Find the thing that makes your days easier and run with it – you need time for you too.


Have a look at some of the union’s societies and see if there’s a hobby out there for you!