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Purple Poppadom | Review

Lamb Thali

By Caterina Dassiè

Just a twenty-minute or less walk from the city center, in Canton, you can find the Michelin & Good Food Guide listed Indian restaurant purple poppadom.

Be careful to check for the sign and not for the restaurant window as the actual dining area for the restaurant happens to be hidden up a a flight of stairs..

Our visit to purple poppadom was lovely. As soon as we  stepped inside the restaurant, the staff warmly welcomed us and gave us advice to what to choose from their wide range menu. Indeed, we really needed help as the friend I was with doesn’t like spicy food – and we all know how spicy Indian food can be.

Lamb Thali

The service was excellent and quick. The ambience welcoming and cozy; it reflected the name of the restaurant as the main color of the furniture in the room was equally purple. Maybe, a little bit of traditional Indian culture and colour was missing from the atmosphere.

Nevertheless, they have recently launched a new section in their menu, Thali, and we felt like we had to try it out – and that’s what we did. Firstly, for those who don’t know, Thali is the name of a round  plate which is used to serve (a lot of) food on. It includes several dishes in just one platter, ranging from rice to curry, dahl, aloo, vegetables and naan.

The first thought when the food arrived was: “It is not enough – I’ll still be hungry after this”. Well…I was wrong. It was hard to finish it all!

You can choose from chicken, prawn, lamb, vegetable and vegan Thali for £12.95. These options used to be only available for early birds, but now students can always take advantage of the offer.

I decided to get Lamb and although there was not a lot of lamb within it, the curry was lovely with the spices being perfectly balanced. The sauce paired especially well  together with the naan bread and the other sides were good-size portions and brought together the plate.

If you would like to enjoy the student offer and have some nice, home-made Indian food, I strongly recommend booking in advance, especially on weekends.

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