forever butt

The first issue of BUTT was published in 2001, but it wasn’t until 2006 when the BUTT BOOK was published and became a bestseller that the magazine solidified it place in public psyche. Now, they have returned with a new hardback instalment to the series, FOREVER BUTT.

This bold book, not out of place on the shelves of an urban independent bookshop or urban outfitters for that matter, captures the best of the magazine over the last decade.The magazine arose from two Dutchmen, art director Jop van Bennekom and journalist Gert Jonkers who began working on the magazine in Amsterdam after meeting in the late 90s. They aim to put the sex back into homosexuality but also aim to be social, silly and mostly a great and engaging read. Its self-confessed tag line “pink, pocket-sized and super gay” sums up the book well, except this edition is not ‘pocket-sized’ as it contains the movement and the development of the magazine from its first edition to its present day manifestation.

Internatinally accliammed artist Wolfgang Tillmans pens the introduction, preparing the reader for what lies within the pages of the “exhilarating read”. The book includes rare and reveling interviews with prominent but mysterious figures such as Marc Jacobs and Perez Hilton. The book is also comprised of insightful Q&A sessions as well as beautiful and tasteful photography by world renowned photographers. Interestingly, the book also has some great insightful writing, provoking questions and discussion.

The multi-media platform of the text also allows CLUB BUTT to play a pivotal role in the experience; this club connects people from the whole world over bringing together friends and fans of this popular publication. The best part of the book is the internationality woven within the pages that transgresses from the boundaries of language and is able to effectively communicate beyond the socially constructed confines imposed on so many texts.

Forever Butt is published by Taschen priced at £24.99.