Interview: Moose Blood

Moose Blood promo picture

Moose Blood promo picture

On Thursday 20th of November, Music Editor India Thomas caught up with Moose Blood ahead of the Bristol date of their tour with Mallory Knox. They talk touring, records, and the importance of family.

India: So, you’ve been on the UK tour with Mallory Knox. How has it been so far?

Mark: The venues that we’re getting to play are nuts, we don’t expect it. We still don’t think that we should be here. The Mallory Knox boys are lovely, to be on tour with Frank Iero as well is mental for us, we were all well-into My Chemical Romance and stuff. The shows have been great-we’re really really lucky to be here.

India: How have the crowds been, being the first band on or whatever?

Mark: We’ve been alternating between first and second, sort of every other show, and when it’s second, it’s a lot better because doors are sort of fifteen minutes before the first band, so a couple of times, doors have been late so not a lot of people are in by the time we go on. But by halfway through your set towards the end it fills up. But when we’re on second, it’s been great, we’ve met like, a bunch of people and, it’s been really good. Better than we expected, because it’s not our crowd at all. People are here to see Frank and Mallory, but I think that we’ve been pretty lucky with the responses and stuff we’ve had.

India: You’ve just come off tour with Balance and Composure, in Europe. How was that?

Eddy: It was the opposite side of the spectrum, so they were quite intimate shows but to small crowds, all the kids were quite fanatical about all the bands so it was nice being able to see the reception we’ve got in Europe as opposed to the UK, ‘cos we’d never been over there before.

India: What have been the highlights, or lowlights, of touring in Europe, or of touring in general?

Mark: The low side of touring in Europe is getting to a country and realising that you haven’t got the right currency. That’s a tough one-we were like ‘shit-everything I’ve got is worthless’. That happened in Denmark and Sweden. I just thought it was Euros. It was a bit chilly, but it was fantastic. We went on tour with two bands that we absolutely love, so just getting to see them every night was cool, let alone to be involved at all. There aren’t really any lows going round Europe other than…the driving is tough!

Eddy: You see some beautiful places though.

India: Your debut album ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time’ has been out for a bit of a while now. I was psyched to get it, I went down to HMV on the day and I’ve never done that before. I’m so sad…

Mark: We all do it. I love doing that.

India: For who, what bands?

Mark: Machinehead, Slipknot. I just get really excited about music and when it comes out, I can’t wait to pick it up. I’m a proper music geek I love it.

India: Same, to be fair. How do you think IKYIM’s been received?

Mark: Beyond anything we ever expected. I was gonna be really happy if we sold like 100 [copies] or something, but it’s on its third pressing now of the vinyl. The reviews have been really good, it’s weird that we haven’t come across a bad one, I’m sure there’s one out there.

India: I haven’t read any.

Mark: For us, that’s bonkers. Regardless of how good the record might be, there’s someone who’ll say it’s shit.

India: Some bitter person locked in a room somewhere…

Mark: Yeah.

Eddy: People have been so kind about it. People seem to like it.

India: Did you record it in America?

All: Yeah.

India: Did you go and stay out there for long?

Eddy: We were there for two weeks so we spent a few days at the No Sleep place with our label and then an apartment. It was great.

India: Do you want to go back and tour in America?

All: Yeah.

India: I feel like that’s your music’s spiritual home.

Mark: A lot of people say that. From our influences as well, and the music that we love, and listening to growing up and stuff it is very much American bands, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t like any British bands, the stuff that we’re into just happens to be more sort of, American based.

India: You can tell, all the like, Dashboard, Death Cab For Cutie, Brand New, references in everything

Mark: Yeah, like Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World all of that stuff.

India: I have to ask a question, is the song ‘Cherry’ in response to ‘Soco Amaretto Lime’? I get a lot of Brand New vibes off of that song

Eddy: I listen to that song a lot, and I guess it influenced it a little bit.

India: In a good way! I feel like ‘family’ is a massive theme on the record. Is it?

Eddy: Yeah, family means everything to us. I have like a wife and a child now so yeah it’s a massive influence in your life and we write about what we know so it’s a huge part of it.

Mark: It’s totally that. We don’t make up stuff, it’s things that we know and experience, people that we love and all of that. It’s just about, a lot of it is about them. Parents, girlfriends, wives, relationships, it’s just genuine stuff. We just write about what we know, and what’s going on. Things whether it’s things that we’ve experienced, or things that have happened in the past.

India: It’s really refreshing I think, it’s nice to have something a bit more…meaningful, maybe?

Mark: Totally, lyrically we just…

India: Pour your heart out…?

Mark: Yeah, and it’s come out pretty well.