Cardiff University Music Society’s Flash Mob

Unsurprisingly, I was intrigued when an email appeared in the Quench Culture inbox from Cardiff University Music Society detailing a flash mob set to take place in Cardiff City centre last Saturday. Of course, the first of October made its presence known by blessing us with a surprisingly chillier temperature and on-and-off rain all day, but I headed over to the Cardiff Central Library undeterred by the weather (I got a heads-up on the flash mob’s location so I wouldn’t miss it) and waited.

Having spotted members of the group from their Music Society t-shirts, I watched the members slowly group together before taking formation. The general public hadn’t noticed any unusual goings on at this point, until the group leader instructed the singing to begin. The group sang an acapella medley of summer hits and many unsuspecting shoppers stopped in their tracks to watch and even film the music. Especially good was the group’s rendition of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’, which the group ended on applause from the public.

It was clear that Cardiff University Music Society have revitalised their brand and this was only one example of the fresh ideas that they hope to bring to the table. The flash mob series will be an ongoing event which the society hope to continue with throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled when you are out and about for further fun renditions of popular songs. Their aim is to engage students in the Arts, bringing together not just those studying music, but all students. With the promise of performing, playing and socialising, the Music Society is one of the most active societies in Cardiff, and coming up soon is their very own Oktoberfest event. The Music Society’s lunchtime concerts are currently open to all and are held on Thursdays, promising a taster of what the group, and maybe you, can get up to.


Get in touch or follow the Cardiff University Music society: Snapchat – Musoccardiff, Instagram – @musicsocietycardiff, Twitter – MuSocCardiff, Facebook – Cardiff University Music Society