Review: The Little Shop of Horrors, New Theatre

The Little Shop of Horrors, originally written by Howard Ashman, is the comedy horror musical about florist Seymour Krelborn from Skid Row who discovers a rare unidentifiable plant which has a thirst for human blood. Feeding the plant his own blood and progressing to human victims, Seymour gains much success with Audrey II, named after his colleague and secret love Audrey.

The set and design for the play was incredible, with slide out sets like the dentist’s practice and the Skid Row music shop which cleverly hid the band. Audrey II’s design is well constructed and the puppeteering skills by director Josh Wilmott conveys the sassy anger of the deathly plant. The digital screen on the side of the stage showed newspaper bulletins throughout the play, with background of what’s happening on the stage, for example after being introduced to the sadistic dentist played by X-Factor star Rhydian Roberts, the digital screen told of how he was being sued. Rhydian’s performance was flawless with his classic musical-theatre voice shown to its fullest with the song ‘Dentist’ which perfectly showed his range and his comedic value in ‘Now It’s Just The Gas’ with the comical overly large gas device as he giggles frantically until he dies. This over-exaggerated acting was not new to the play, with all the characters very over the top including the ditzy but loveable Audrey who’s accent was the best out of everyone. The acting and singing was consistent the whole way through with the girl trio Ronette, Chiffon and Crystal having extremely powerful voices and Seymour and Audrey’s song ‘Suddenly Seymour’ was a brilliantly acted and sung piece. My only criticism would be that the New York accents sometimes fall in and out back into English and at times are a bit inconsistent. However the play is a mixture of flawless singing, witty lines, brilliant design and a funny enjoyable evening.