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Corbyn Corbyn he’s our man, can he save us? Jezz he can! – Book Review


by Lauren Daly

The Corbyn craze is only getting crazier! It’s Corbyn but as you’ve never seen him before, in true superhero style in ‘the Corbyn comic book’.

Granted he’s not your typical superhero; he’s got a bit of a dad bod, he makes jam in his spare time and I wouldn’t really like to think of him wearing his pants over his trousers – but maybe that’s just what we’re all craving right now! Someone who’s just a bit more, well, ‘normal’. A relatable human being who doesn’t have abs the size of mountains and super-powers which simply aren’t obtainable. Someone who actually gives a damn about cyclists, the NHS and the rest of the 99% of the population! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love jam after all.

At a price of £4.99, you can bag yourself an action-packed book containing 34 comic strips from different artists and writers celebrating ‘Jezz’ as our long-awaited hero.

The book features the likes of ‘Corbynman’ by Martin Rowson, who fights his nemesis Maydusa and the Daily Mail drones with his ultimate jam but will ‘Corbynman’ return to fight another day after being caked in ‘Brexitite’ – surely nothing can stop this man in his tracks!

Or maybe you’d fancy reading ‘Uncle Jezza’s bedtime stories’ by Mark Staford and David Hine. Here Corbyn stars as ‘Unca’ Jezza’ telling a bedtime story about a place called ‘Happyland’; a vision for Labours leadership. But tragically this haven for diversity and equality is obliterated by the Tory ‘monsters’. The final image of this comic strip is especially impressionable considering current events as it features Boris Johnson and Theresa May looming like evil giants above an impoverished cityscape with Grenfell tower in smoke at the centre.

But if you’re all about violence in the Houses of Parliament, then turn to ‘Lethal Corbyn 111’ by C. Baker and J. Francis Totti, where Corbyn defeats the evil Theresa May-bot featuring the chants of ‘oooooh Jeremy Corbyn’ which has swept the nation since his appearance at Glastonbury. Theresa finds herself strong and stable no more as ‘hope is on the menu and it’s all you can eat’.

Packed-full of puns and bonkerdom to lighten up the drudgery of politics, it’s just what our grey outlook on the government needs! It’s certainly not for those of you who are right winged supporters though, as you’ll find no sympathy towards the Tories in here. Boris is often depicted as May’s snivelling sidekick and the two of them together look like characters from the exorcist. Instead, what you will find is some Corbyn appreciation. It’s certainly about time someone depicted Jezza as inspirational and not just your generic geography teacher look-alike.