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Munchies – A Review

Firstly, we would like to start this review by giving a little bit of background to Munchies. When we arrived we spoke with Jordan, the owner of Munchies, and he told us how he got started. Jordan was a student at University of South Wales when he came up with his business idea: to bake up some sweet goods and deliver them to the hungry mouths of Cardiff (personally we don’t think we could juggle that sort of work on top of uni!) He began his business in February, baking in his flat and delivering from there. He graduated in June this year, then shortly after he was able to stop baking out of his flat and move into the quaint Munchies Cardiff you see today. He then opened a savoury menu as well and the rest is cheesetory.   

Munchies offers breakfast, a savoury menu, and a sweet menu. The savoury menu is cheese-based, and the sweet menu is full of home-baked goods like brownies and cookies. Therefore, we are sorry to say for all vegan Cardiffians out there, that this place is not for you. But vegetarians, rejoice: the menu offers substitutes in the form of veggie bacon, veggie chorizo, veggie steak… basically veggie everything except for chicken! Munchies is also looking to expand the menu so that in the future the sweet menu will be offering gluten-free treats too – so coeliacs can stay tuned for that!

Munchies is also very proud of their ever-changing specials board; with every week since February featuring something different, which is both commendable and intriguing. Additionally, Munchies is looking to expand their current alcohol licence into a late-night licence – meaning VERY exciting things for future drunken yolo-ers on their way home. The late licence will mean Munchies will be able to stay open long enough for you to get your cheesy fix on your way home from the nightclub.

And for those brave enough among you, we are calling all food challenge junkies! Munchies invites you to try their kilo-cookie. Here at Quench we were too weak to attempt it, but let that not put you off. Go forth and tackle, cookie monsters! The bonus is that if you complete the challenge, your social media handles get added to the wall of fame (all about them Instagram gains).

So Quench went along to try two different delicacies of the menu and the first is the the Caerphilly Cheese Steak Sub. This sub is a tasty amalgamation of flavour. With onion, peppers, locally-sourced steak and Caerphilly cheese sauce all stuffed into an over-flowing white baguette roll, your mouths will be watering upon sight. Upon taste, you’ll be in a meaty, cheesy heaven. That said, as a self-proclaimed cheese-lover, I would never have said no to a bit more cheese sauce, or maybe just an extra cheesy sauce. But the meat and pepper distribution was perfect. It comes with a generous portion of chips and a dipping sauce of your choice (I opted for BBQ of course).  Decently priced at £8 for the meal, you can’t go wrong – whether you’re on a lunch break from uni or a dinner with a friend.

Now if mac and cheese tickles your pickle, then this is the place for you. Whether it’s plain or loaded, the delicious bowl will surely hit the spot. I wanted to go all out so ordered the Loaded Mac and Cheese as the bacon and chorizo combo was all too tempting, and it didn’t disappoint. When it came to the table and we came face to face, it looked just as good as it sounded. Every cheesy mouthful was amazing and left me fully satisfied (the crispy bacon bits definitely brought the meal together and were a personal favourite of mine). Not to mention, to top it all off the ingredients are all locally sourced, from the crispy bacon bits to the chewy chorizo, all bound together to make a fantastic meal.  

So if Munchies sounds like a bit of you, then you can head down to 22 Crwys Road any day between Tuesday and Thursday 10:30am-18:30 pm, or the weekend 10:30am-23:00 pm (22.00pm on Sundays). Or, if moving sounds like too much effort then they offer a delivery service Tuesday- Friday 13:00pm-15:00 pm and Sundays 13:00pm-15:00 pm.

Also, we would like to mention that Munchies have an upcoming Raclette Night, which will hopefully be a regular event in the future. To find out more, visit their social media at:

Instagram: @munchiescdf

Twitter: @munchiescdf



Munchies’ grate lampshades were a hit!

By William Moyse and Charlotte Clark.