Review | Bodyguard

By Indigo Jones


The show started with a bang, literally, immediately submerging the audience in the drama. The musical began as it intended to go, demonstrating the perfect balance between a musical and a concert performance. The show itself could be described as  almost film-like, perhaps a homage to the original movie starring Whitney Houston. That is exactly what this production achieved, it payed the perfect tribute through its emotional musical numbers and powerful ballads.

The female lead, Alexandra Burke as Rachel Marron showed that she did in fact have the X factor. Her portrayal of Marron demonstrated her complete ability to step away from her pop star status and towards the musical theatre stage. Indeed, her past music career is evident in her depiction of a pop artist and capability to perform such high paced musical numbers without missing a step. Her renditions of I will always love you and One moment in time, brought a tear to my eye, and perhaps numerous other members of the audience. Burke’s version of the musical numbers not only did herself and her vocal ability justice, but also the late great Whitney Houston; I would argue that Alexandra’s portrayal of Marron was superior.

The Bodyguard himself, Benoît Marechal, probably made half of the audience wish he was their bodyguard.  The actor made the audience fall in love with his sensitive character and hard exterior, as he was caught in a heart-breaking love triangle between both female leads. One of those including, Nicki Marron played by Rosie Cava-Beale, the sister of the lead character Rachel Marron. Cava-Beale’s effortless vocal ability perfectly demonstrated the emotion felt by her character, as she succeeded in demonstrating her passion for music as well as her love for the Bodyguard.

This film-like experience continued throughout this modernised musical through both visual and emotive techniques, making it impossible to avert your eyes from the dramatic storyline.  The use of silhouettes and shadows was especially effective, foreshadowing the storyline of the musical without revealing too much, whilst also subtly acknowledging the original famous silhouette of the movie poster.

My only complaint would be that the show finished too quickly, a sure sign of an impressive show. This was confirmed by the standing ovation from the whole audience for both the cast and live band, who played effortlessly throughout. This was also followed by an incredible music number which lead to everyone wanting to dance with somebody, and that is exactly what they did! I highly recommend the show to those who are huge fans of the film and musical, or those who are ready to become new fans.