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Food & Drink

Review: Milkwood, Pontcanna

Words by Peter Wolinski

On the show Harry and Paul, there’s one sketch where Harry Enfield plays a long
haired, artistic bloke who runs a boutique in a...

Food & Drink

Food Fashions of the Decade

Açai Bowls

Words by Catarina Vicente

The first time I had açai, it was served to me in a plain bowl, topped with chia seeds, granola and coconut...

Food & Drink

Review: Pho, Cardiff

Words by Sai

With the weather getting colder and finding the time to cook getting ever harder, there’s nothing better than a warm, sumptuous bowl of Pho...

Food & Drink

Shake up your Salad for Summer!

Rainbow Vegetable and Hummus Salad
Words by Hannah Penwright
There’s a common misconception that salads aren’t filling, but this one definitely is! Roasted...

Culture Theatre

Review | Bodyguard

By Indigo Jones
The show started with a bang, literally, immediately submerging the audience in the drama. The musical began as it intended to...

Books Culture

Review | Blossoms in Autumn

By Chris Colbourn
SelfMadeHero’s translation of this Belgian-Dutch graphic novel feels particularly timely as the last three years of Brexit madness have...

Culture Theatre

Review | Bottom

By Sarah Rawle
Top or Bottom? If you haven’t been asked this question yourself, you have likely heard it before. Maybe not sung to you...

Culture Theatre

Review | The Mirror Crack’d

By Saoirse O’Connor
Agatha Christie’s name is synonymous with the modern detective story, her influence evident in modern shows like Death...