Review: Boeing Boeing, RWCMD

Reviewed by Esther Strange

Boeing Boeing

The tour of Boeing Boeing is the fourth musical collaborative piece between Black Rat Productions and Blackwood Miners’ Institute. The tour takes off in Blackwood and travels across the whole of Wales before touching down in Cardiff’s Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Boeing Boeing takes polygamy to a whole new level. Architect Bernard (Richard Corgan) is engaged to three International air-hostesses at the same time. When his slightly giddy friend, Robert, visits Bernard in his plush 1960s Parisian apartment, mayhem strikes as all three fiancées end up visiting at once.

Accents proved a challenge for the actresses playing the three hostesses, which required a French, German and American accent between them. Especially impressive is Gareth John Bale, who plays Robert. Bale fully takes on the role of the stereotypical Welsh oddity – unworldly and impressionable, he manages to tug at the audience’s heartstrings. Julie Barclay’s performance as the maid Bertha was a little more disappointing; though her character oozes hysteria and sarcasm, Barclay’s portrayal was more grating than it was comedic.

Audiences are immersed in the airport theme the moment they step into the theatre, with airport replica signs in the foyer, private departure lounges, and business-class suites with trays and snacks. As the cherry on top of this brilliant staging, a cabin-crew announcement was used for the audience to return to their seats during the interval.

The show comes to Cardiff November 7th to 9th – grab your seat quickly, the Boeing Boeing is about to depart!

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