Single Review: Hugh Laurie – ‘Junco Partner’


There’s always a degree of cynicism when someone best known for their acting career tries to reinvent themselves as a musician. Hugh Laurie, the English actor nowadays best known for his role as Dr Gregory House on the US Fox Network series House is here giving his rendition of the traditional American blues song ‘Junco Partner’ taken from the bonus disc of his second album Didn’t It Rain, released in May. Taking influence mostly from Professor Longhair’s 1976 recording, the swing feel in Laurie’s delivery of the track comes across as surprisingly natural. Accompanied by a backing band, his singing and piano playing abilities go a long way to backing up claims that music is something he’s always wanted to do. While he doesn’t add a lot of new things to the song, don’t let Blackadder make you think otherwise; this recording is no joke.

Alec Evans

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