Review | Chris Ramsey – Just Happy to Get out of the House

By Hannah Stait


This Thursday people flocked to St. David’s Hall in Cardiff to spend time with the lovable and hilarious Chris Ramsey at his ‘Just Happy to Get out of the House’ tour as he jokes about the world he lives in and the things that makes him stop and think.

Before he could give us all the giggles, Ramsey opened up the show with his support act Carl Hutchinson who really made us all laugh by giving an informal seminar on how to shit in a bucket! Rather a shock to those who had to come in late but a good ice breaker nonetheless! There was something truly likeable about this guy as he joked about the trials of relationships and the ups and downs of drinking (we’ve definitely all had some downs!) and by the end of his set everyone wished to hear more from him. He also announced that on February the 17th he would be performing his very own show at the Glee Club in Cardiff, an event that you can get tickets for now.

When Chris Ramsey donned the stage the applause that met him was powerful and it’s clear to see why! I’ve laughed myself to tears many times watching him on the likes of Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week, Celebrity Juice and many other comedy show appearances that allowed him to fill our screens with outrageous comments, jokes and hilarious quips.

This show gave us a look into his world as he talks of his wife and son and the hilarious observations he makes about their lives. This is a real family man and even as he talks about marital arguments and a child’s ability to be a bit like a psychopath (all in good fun I promise), you realise that maybe you want a family just like him. While you may think that not all of this may be relatable to a student, this couldn’t be further from the truth! His jokes are soul-shakingly funny and could make even the most humourless of folk quiver with the giggles.

One of the main elements of any comedy show (particularly my favourite) is the audience participation. Each audience member he calls upon becomes his best friend for a moment or two and you can feel that he really cares about his audiences, remembering each persons name who he talks to – something that makes you love him even more. He’s a comedian that you want to listen to, you want to hear him talk about the crazy world we live in because he’s honest in his comedy and I feel like this is a guy you need to see at least once! He bounds across the stage, full of passion and believability and his swift mix of material and conversations with his audience make you feel like you’re in a small pub rather than a room with over a thousand people.

Even as he talks about the darker parts of life you trust his ability to bring you into the light of comedy with his playful nature and he teaches us the importance of finding laughter in the darker days – something that all of us could learn to do. This guy is an amazing night out and can make you climb into bed with a smile still on your face… from the comedy that is, cheeky.

Chris Ramsey’s tour is sure to give you a giggle or two and it runs until the end of November and you’d be crazy to not pick up a ticket!

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