Review | The Flop


By Max Modell


The Flop, Stand up for a show about not being able to get it up!

Absurdist comedies can often go too far and be too ridiculous, as a consequence they are often left convoluted and without laughter. While often presented in broad strokes any performer will tell you it is these absurdist comedies which are the hardest to execute. Not only did The Flop attempt this, but it masterfully executes it and sticks the landing.

The year is 1657 (ish), the height of the French monarchy. High society is thriving, and male impotence is illegal. This proves problematic for Marquis de Langey, a member of the aristocracy who is accused of being unable to get an erection. His pride wounded and his marriage on the line he must strive to prove his innocence. Will he be able to get it up? Will love save the day? Or is he doomed to a life of loneliness and public ridicule?

Hijinx in association with Spymonkey bring together a fantastic cast for this comedic and musical odyssey which captures the essence of a bizarre true story in an insane fashion. Utilising a combination of quick witted dialogue and physical humour with its roots in traditional clownery the show brings home the laughs and puts a smile on your face. Furthermore, it utilises its form and limitations to provide a fantastic meta commentary throughout, elevating the humour with fourth wall breaks, costume changes and some truly random scenes which all come together in a finale which can only be described as incredibly stupid (in the good way).

Not only is The Flop hilarious, but it is also pioneering in its support of inclusive theatre, with a cast including three actors with learning disabilities and three non-disabled actors. In addition, the show was also signed live for deaf audience members.

They say the only rule in comedy is to make the audience laugh and if that is the only criteria then The Flop passes with flying colours. The Flop is currently doing previews before heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August. If you get the opportunity to see this show I promise you that you’ll laugh out loud and never see Live and Let Die in the same way again.

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