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Review | Colabro

By Yi Lam Tang

A musical theatre group, who formed for only one month before the eighth season of Britain’s Got Talent, had amazed the judges every time with their harmony. Collabro won the majority of votes and had become the winner of the eighth season of Britain’s got talent. Since 2014, they had published 4 alba and are currently on their fourth tour: Road to The Royal Albert Hall.

I am a fan of Britain’s Got Talent show and fortunately, had a chance to have a glimpse of the champion on 5th April at St. David’s Hall.

The show started with Georgia & the Vintage Youth. They performed some of their original songs “The girl”, “Ireland”, “Told me to Go Home”, etc. I immediately get impressed by Georgia’s powerful voice and composing talent. She also rearranged “My Favourite Things” from Sound of Music in a jazzy way. The saxophone solo in “Sax Crazy” also hit the audiences with couple funky high notes. They are having so much fun on stage and as an dience, I really enjoyed this warm-up performance.

Collabro performed songs from their newest album “Road to The Royal Albert Hall” and their classic, “Stars” and “Bring Him Home” from Les Misérables. The live performance is as perfect as the studio version, even better as your body beat to the drums. I love how every member has their unique voices, but sound so good when put together. In my opinion, this performance is much livelier than the performance of the contest. Not only they got choreography and blocking, but they also had humorous introductions and interactions in between each song. The whole show is well prepared and engaging. The audiences even stood up and dance when they sing the upbeat medley of “Jersey Boys”. Overall, it is a classy, fun way to spend a Friday night.

Their special guest Kerry Ellis is absolutely amazing. As a musical fanatic, I am thrilled to hear her singing on stage. She performed “This is me” and “A million dream” from the greatest showman. I especially love her interpretations of “A million dream”, it sounds so sweet and innocent it is heart melting.  

Overall, I think this performance worth a Friday night. All the performers seem to enjoy music and their passions are infectious. If you are a fan of live jazz music or musicals, you will definitely love it. If I must say, the blemish of the show would be there are no surprising elements. As they are performing songs from their previous albums, the only original song they have sung is “lighthouse”. As someone paid and went all the way to the hall, I expect something more and outside of the albums, i.e. different arrangements from the albums. Also, I think it is worth trying something new, like acapella, with their voices and techniques, I am quite sure they are going to rock it. I look forward to hearing more original songs from them.