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Culture Theatre

Review | Rock of Ages

By Indigo Jones
I wanna rock, was one of my first thoughts as I approached the theatre. Rock of Ages is a colourful and comedic celebration of...


The Origins of Halloween!

By Gwenddolen Woebking
Halloween originated from Celtic harvest festivals such as Samhain, which celebrating the end of the summer cycle at the end of October...


Review | Chippy Lane Podcast

By Alys Jones
Chippy Lane Productions is a London-based Welsh company which promotes Welsh and Wales-based theatre talent to audiences in and beyond Wales. It...

Culture Theatre

Review: You Win Again

By Rachel Nurse
You Win Again: Celebrating the Music of the Bee Gees is a must-see for hardcore Bee Gees fans and for those who enjoy a good old...

Culture Theatre

Review: Evita

By Abbie Rands
The opening moments of Evita truly showcase this powerhouse explosion of a performance; a show that doesn’t let up until the...

Culture Theatre

Review: Let It Be

By Josie Howie
Let It Be is a tribute-act meets musical which walks, or rather dances, us through The Beatles’ history! The cast consists of...

Film & TV

Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

We have seen a lot of Spider-Men on the big screen, and by now we all know how the story goes.
We know Peter Parker well – he’s a science nerd, a...


Review: The Crucible, New Theatre

One of the signs of a really good play is that it manages to remain relevant years after it is first performed. Arthur Miller’s timeless 1953 play has done...