8 Black Friday Hacks

Whether you’ll be bargain hunting on the high street at 9am sharp or be glued to your screen for online deals, we’ve got you covered! Get note taking folks, here are our top 8 pro tips and trix to spend your pay-day £££ wisely:

1. Research, research and research

Teleportation is sadly not yet a thing and so you can’t be in 5 places at once, so research into which store offers you the best deal for your d$lla and prioritize accordingly.  Not only will this restrict what you buy, to exactly what you want but pre-Black Friday research will help you work out how much it’s being discounted on the actual day and what you’re saving. Do a comparison check to ensure that you can’t get the item elsewhere for a cheaper price outside of Black Friday – because whilst you might *think* you’re getting a great deal because it’s BF, you might actually be getting fobbed off.



2. Black Friday isn’t good for every-thing

Speaking of research, here’s some from us! According to, historically these are the cheapest days to buy products from the following categories.


So be smart and think before you buy. Toys, for example, might look like a great purchase, but major stores actually do big toy deals between Black Friday and Christmas and will save you more.

3. Make a list and stick to it

Don’t be a victim of sale items. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you need it. Make a list of what you need and prioritize it to avoid coming home with fab deals of junk that you can’t afford. The last thing you want is to buy a couple of stocking fillers first and miss out on the big deals. It might be a good idea to take along friend to hold you accountable or even better, leave your card at home and withdraw cash you’re happy to spend.



4. Use social media!

Many brands and shops reveal discount codes and set reminders for when their in-store and online deals go live, so following them proactively is your best shout to stay on top of Black Friday game. Follow your favourite stores on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and now even Snapchat! Throughout the day(s), flash sales may be announced at particular hours however be cautious to not fall for any fake deals floating around Facebook or elsewhere.

5. Set up online accounts ahead

For items you’re keen to buy online, have them all ready to go by adding them to your basket. If you have the option to, try setting up an online account with your favourite retailers, so your payment details are stored and you’re ready to win the Black Friday race.

6. Read the fine print

To avoid disappointment, read and know the finer terms and conditions. Some brands may only have sales for a couple of hours or sometimes days. In the case of extra days, you can strategize effectively and not be part of the crowd on Friday if you don’t need to.

If you see an ad on Twitter or have received an email mentioning the sale, take a screenshot of it as back-up in case something goes wrong. If you’re looking to buy something from a department store, it may be a good idea to bring in a competitor’s ad that sell the item for cheaper, to try and get a better discount. Cheeky, but definitely worth a try we think!

Plus when you buy tech, read the small print and ensure it’s the version/model you want with the right memory and accessories etc etc. It’s very easy to get caught up in spotting deals and then ending up with an item that’s slightly out of date. Also check the delivery date and price – it may sound silly, but it’s easy to get caught out with something that won’t arrive on time or costs £££ to have delivered.



7. Be ready, BYO-everything!

Prepare for shops to be floored with clothing and personal space out the window; it ain’t gon be easy honey. Pack your snacks for the long queues and water to keep you hydrated. Go the extra mile and bring your own shopping bag or cart. You’ll be lucky to find an empty basket and you can’t be juggling your 15 items AND be on the hunt for your 16th, so get your bag and store your items in it. Just remember to pay for everything to avoid getting caught for shoplifted..

It’s going to be a long day so wear your best and most comfortable footwear, that allow for a sprint when you’re against the old lady for the checkout.  Also we may be entering winter, however busy shops are hot shops. Ditch your coat for the day or leave it in your car, you’re undoubtedly going to get hot and sweaty and a hand holding your extra layer, is a hand you could use to snapchat the #BlackFriday crazy.

8. Don’t restrict yourself to just the Friday

A lot of deals have already dropped during the lead up to Black Friday, so keep an eye out for those to get ahead of the crowd. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday, which is when discounts are further dropped to help with clearance of stock. Basically if you miss something on the actual day, don’t fret – you’ve got another shot.


We wish you all the luck in the Hunger Games of bargain hunting!