Battle of the Christmas Coffees

With so much hype around coffee shops’ specialist Christmas drinks, sussing out the overall winner makes for a guilt-free reason to work your way through the entire menu… Here, Gabbi Wan tours them, all in the name of research!

By Gabbi Wan

We may only be part way through November but Christmas has well and truly arrived on the high street with everywhere lit up with the usual sparkling stars, snowflakes and even a gang of reindeer have made their appearance. However, the main issue on my mind as a coffee shop addict is where can I get the best Christmas themed deal this year?

After some research I can tell you that the big coffee companies that are dotted on most corners of Cardiff have well and truly stepped their game up this Christmas. Only months ago these coffee chains were being attacked for their sugar content and were pressured to bring out all of their fruity summer drinks. All of that seems to have gone out of the window for winter and I don’t think anyone will be complaining. Every coffee shop seems to be shouting about their sugar-filled Christmas treats waiting to warm you through the bleak wintery days.


Starting with Starbucks, they’ve brought the return of the red cup for Christmas, which in my opinion, stands out a lot less than some of its competitors. However, they can be forgiven for this with their irresistible fudge hot chocolate that comes with gold chocolate curls on top. Costa are creating a stir with their Lindt hot chocolate which people seem to be going crazy for, yet I can’t help being disappointed by its tiny size. Fortunately for Costa they have such a large menu that I could just as easily be won over by their toasted marshmallow hot chocolate and their honeycomb latte served in an adorable snowman and penguin themed cup when taken away. Caffè Nero have opted for the theme of a ‘magical’ Christmas with their spiced orange hot chocolates and delicious salted caramel lattes. Lastly but not least, we can’t forget to mention Coffee#1 and their Choc n Orange, a velvety treat you’ll need when battling through with your Christmas shopping over the next month!


And since it’s Christmas, I will definitely be treating myself to something on the side. As usual the chains have brought out their tempting mince pies, turkey filled Paninis and cheerful little gingerbread men. But if you’re going for something different this winter, I would say that anything that glitters IS gold. This can be seen with Costa’s shimmer cake which comprises of chocolate and salted caramel or Caffe Nero’s Tiramisu slice which is a coffee tinted biscuit mixed with caramel and white chocolate, topped with glitter, of course. Since summer was sugar-free we can definitely indulge in these treats at Christmas, and we’ll need the extra energy for shopping, right?