Clean Beauty Makeup Essentials

A beautiful finish and natural ingredients seem like a clear win when choosing makeup products, allowing clean beauty to have taken the beauty industry by storm.  Whether it is big name beauty brands realigning to an ethically focused “clean” message or one of the many emerging brands, these are becoming highly popular. Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty whose original message is grounded in natural clean products is a prime example as are Burt’s Bees and Bite Beauty.

Clean beauty can be described as beauty products that contain natural and organic constituents providing makeup to help you feel beautiful and enhance your natural beauty without harming your skin. Vast amounts of makeup are embroiled with synthetic materials that can block pores and simply are not great for the skin. Clean beauty now provides a suitable alternative with many advantages.

If you are a makeup lover you will most definitely have the essentials ranging from foundation and concealer to bronzer and eyeshadow. Here are the perfect makeup essentials to build a clean beauty makeup kit that not only makes you feel amazing, but are centered around natural ingredients.  

Foundation and Concealer – Kosas

Kosas believe in “free, easy, unrestrained beauty that celebrates simplicity and defies convention” with emphasis on skin loving makeup and their use of botanical formulas. On their website, you can read all about Kosas Clean which explains how their makeup brings real skincare benefits with the desire for customers to feel the difference. Their Tinted Skin Oil is priced at £33 and concealer priced at £22 with a variety of shades from tone 1 to 9.5, may seem pricey, but these products have excellent reviews, a clean beauty ethos and stunning packaging which is a lovely combination.

Blush and Eyeshadow – Honest Beauty

For blush and eyeshadow, try Honest Beauty. Founded in 2011 by renowned actress Jessica Alba with the message “I created the Honest Beauty company because you shouldn’t have to choose between what works for you and what’s good for you” emphasising the clean natural beauty ingredients which underpins this company. The “Crème cheek blush” priced at £16 is fabulous with the cream formula making it seamless to apply, as well as giving a natural finish. 

The Get It Together Palette is a makeup bag favourite, with the perfect everyday colours and other shades that provide the option to use this as a glam palette. Priced at £25 this is a steal considering many palettes start at £40.

Bronzer and Highlighter – Burt’s Bees®

Get two for the price of one with this amazing Burt’s Bees® 100% Natural All Aglow Highlighter Stick. This product is formulated with 100% clean beauty products with moisturising ingredients such as coconut and jojoba oils for a hydrating, nourishing feeling. The price of £12 is amazing and perfect for any clean beauty makeup kit.

Lipstick – Bite Beauty

Known for their amazing lip products Bite is the perfect place to purchase a clean beauty natural lipstick as their products include less that 1% synthetic fragrance. With an endless range of lip products and the highly raved Creamy Matte Lip Crayon priced at £19, this is the destination for this makeup essential.

Brushes – SO ECO

SO ECO is the perfect place to purchase clean beauty brushes. Sustainable materials are used, with cruelty free bristles. With this set of face brushes even the bag which comes in handy to store and keep your brushes clean is made with unbleached natural cotton. From singles to sets for under £20 these clean beauty brushes offer affordable, good quality indispensable items.