Cwtchella: Celeb festival looks

CWTCHELLA: Celeb festival looks
Illustration by Rahima Bhatti

Kristie O’Connor (@kristieoconnor) is here to tell us all about her favourite celeb fashion fits to give you some inspiration this festival season!

One of the most highly anticipated festivals for fashion in the U.S: Coachella. Not only attracting A-list celebrities as well as performances from the world’s biggest musicians, but Coachella is also a catwalk for bohemian chic. The fashion at Coachella almost feels like a competition: Who can channel the perfect desert vibe? Someone who always stood out to me was Vanessa Hudgens.

Hudgens was a consistent pinnacle of Tumblr and Pinterest back in the early 2010s, inspiring people everywhere to wear a flower crown and their best crocheted crop top. Labelled as the ‘Queen of Coachella’, Hudgens was immaculate at keeping to the desert theme. Whether she’s donning a flowy summer dress or classic denim shorts, Hudgens dresses to make that Coachella best-dressed list.

Something within all of Hudgens’ looks is her ability to accessorise. No matter the festival outfit, she is seen wearing stacks of bangles, gems, arm cuffs, necklaces, and big earrings. Her ability to make every ensemble unique using accessorizing can make even a simple outfit look Coachella worthy. All my favourite looks from her include a significant amount of accessories, firstly looking at this multi-coloured, multi-patterned kaftan dress. Off the shoulder and flowy tends to equal perfected Coachella style. It is the epitome of the desert vibe and bohemian chic that everyone aims to achieve at Coachella.

Her hairstyles also contribute to the themes of the festival. Hudgens tends to have her hair in curls or beach waves, insinuating effortlessness and a ‘free spirit’ look that represents the allure of Coachella.

Last but not least, one of my favourite ‘fits’ from Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella, is when she wore a colourful, flowy summer dress with a butterfly cape. The colours and the glow are beautiful and give a perfect night-time Coachella look against all the lights of the festival.

Video linked below to see the outfit in all its glory!

Words by Kristie O’Connor