Review: Vintage Kilo Sale

The Cardiff Vintage Kilo Sale was just as expected. The old rustic smell, the clutter and chaos and the hundreds of attendees all in hope of grabbing some bargains. The event took place in Portland House situated in Cardiff Bay on Saturday 9th April – perfectly timed for a spring closet refresh! The building was swarming with clothing enthusiasts carrying the bright purple plastic bag stuffed with their findings from the day. Ran by Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, the Vintage Kilo Sale is one of Europe’s biggest wholesalers. All together, a whopping 5 tonne of clothing was bought to Cardiff alone for the event. So let me explain how it works – buyers can purchase any amount of clothing as they want. The clothing is then weighed and every kilogram is £15. This doesn’t mean you have to buy a KG worth of clothing specifically, the bag is weighed at the end to find a price that matches the amount you bought perfectly. But regardless, £15 is still a fantastic deal! I managed to bag myself a good few oversized shirts for lazy Sundays for only £20 and also the cutest beige, corduroy jacket that will look perfect this summer. The sale was definitely a must-go for Cardiff Students who were looking to update their summer wardrobe with some snazzy deals and I’m anticipating the return of the sale next season!



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By Sarah Harris