The Rise of DIY Jewellery

Words by Lydia Tomkinson

DIY jewellery, clothes and accessories have become increasingly popular over the last year in lockdown, with many of us turning to creating things to wear in a bid to beat boredom, spice up our outfits and even to make a bit of money by selling!

Here are just a few of the most viral DIY jewellery trends happening at the moment and how you can give them a go or if you just don’t fancy getting crafty where you can find these trendy unique pieces.

Wire Wrapping

Whilst wire might not sound like the most conventional thing you’d want to be wearing, it can be used to create gorgeous rings and pendants.

The wire is bent and wrapped, usually around a crystal and then finished off by looping the wire round till it holds its shape.

This is a super fun and easy trend to recreate yourself with craft wire and beads available online or in any craft stores.

There’s also a multitude of shops selling jewellery like this for affordable prices: if you’re looking for necklaces check out The Ethereal Elements on Etsy, offering beautiful hand crafted crystal jewellery and giving you the option to customise it by choosing the specific crystal, chain length and wire colour the best suits your style.

For rings Georgia’s Art Studio has a huge variety of different beads and crystals to choose from and extremely affordable prices with free delivery too!


With summer pending bright and colourful clothes and accessories are a key trend at the moment, taking over from the neutral tones of the winter.

Bright, beaded necklaces are the perfect way to add pops of colour to an outfit and just look really cute at the same time. This trend is inspired by Y2K fashion, which has had a huge resurgence in popularity this year and will definitely get you feeling nostalgic for the 00s.

There’s much versatility with these too, meaning you can have a completely unique, one-of-a-kind piece for yourself! If you’re looking for a more dainty, delicate style of beaded necklace, Walk to Gifts – on Etsy have a great range of different colours for really affordable prices

Or for a bolder, more mismatched look, Dreamie Jewellery on Etsy have an amazing selection to choose from, which are even customisable so you can have your name featured too!

Resin Rings

Using resin to make things has been a trend for a while now, with resin pouring videos going viral on Tik Tok and people creating basically anything  out of it, from keyrings to ashtrays and beautiful rings.

Resin is a great material to make jewellery out of as it can be poured into a mould to create just about any shape and then decorated by putting glitter, pressed flowers, beads and colours in there too.

Smaller more subtle resin rings can be cute detail to an outfit whereas more chunky, bold ones (once again inspired by Y2K trends) can make a real statement on your fingers and look amazing!

Making your own resin rings can be quite time consuming, taking 24 to 28 hours for the resin to set completely and requiring a mould that’s fits your finger, so if you haven’t got that much time on your hands here’s where you can find some great ones on Etsy.

For colourful, quirky resin rings Shopcreatedbyclare has so many options to choose from for designs and plenty of sizes too.

Otti Studio has more of a minimalistic style of resin rings available and an array of gorgeous colours to choose from.

Polymer Clay Earrings

Polymer clay is another great material for DIY jewellery; it can be sculpted into basically any shape or design imaginable, then baked in the oven to harden and attached to an earring back. As with many of the jewellery trends we’ve talked about already, the possibilities to customise with colours and different shapes is infinite.

Its also a really simple and fun process to make, so if you’re feeling creative all you’ll need is some polymer clay and earring backs!

There are plenty available to purchase on Etsy too.

Clay and Co Earrings create beautiful designs with polymer clay and mix mediums, incorporating a touch of gold into their pieces too.

ZS Jewellery Shop has some amazing funky designs, that will have everyone asking where your earrings are from.