Trainer here, trainer there…

Menswear writer Jonathan Keys gives his insight on the habit that we just can’t seem to kick…

Trainer here, trainer there, trainers are everywhere! Modern day fashion has embraced the trainer and put a retro spin on it. Ever since the success of the Nike Blazer range, every reputable sports brand; Reebok, New Balance and Asics to name but a few have released their own lines of footwear that hark back to the styles donned in the 80’s and 90’s.

The pair of trainers you’re wearing right now are probably a retake on a classic trainer line first developed 20 years ago. It’s fashion regurgitating itself once again and providing footwear for the modern day young male.

It’s about finding the right pair for the right occasion, case in point take the Nike Air Max 90’s, they’re great looking trainers perfect for day-to-day casual wear whilst I consider a pair of New Balance 574’s better suited for a man on the go because of the extra comfort they provide.

Spending good money on footwear is justified on the basis you’ll get your money’s worth by endlessly dancing in them at night clubs. Either that or having them on show as you roll up to lectures. Trainers are best teamed up with slim jeans or chino’s- I’m always a fan of cuffing legwear in order to best show off your latest pair. Trainers remain one of the most important items of any outfit, let that be known!


My picks for AW13 are the Ascis Gel-Lyte III’s and the New Balance 577’s

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