Travel Top Five: Cities

Struggling with planning your EuroTrip? Worried you’ll take a wrong turn like Scotty and the crew? Travel writer Sarah Davies talks you through the top city destinations across the continent from the dazzling sights in Paris to the artistic side-streets of Berlin.  


Travelling through Europe may seem like battling through an overwhelming urban jungle of stylish streets, majestic buildings and breathtaking views. With so many temptingly beautiful destinations, it becomes a heart-wrenching task to choose the top cities to visit on your European adventure. So, whether you’re planning an interrailing trip – or if you’re just dreaming about it – then check out this rough guide to the five top cities in Europe.

Prague, Czech Republic: With a backdrop of traditional Czech street music and fairytale style architecture, it is near impossible not to fall in love with Prague. Located in the heart of Europe, Prague radiates an authentic, medieval feel that makes you feel as though you’d travelled to another era. The Czech cuisine is ridiculously underrated (- I recommend the goulash and potato pancakes!) and the buzzing nightlife makes sleep become an annoying hindrance. If you lose yourself down the winding brick streets, and remember to visit Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, then you’re guaranteed an enjoyable stay. Well worth czech-ing out! (sorry)

Rome, Italy: Rome is a classic traveller’s favourite, and for good reason. The ‘Dolce Vita’ mentality permeates the city, with the quaint cobbled streets and the stunning views providing the perfect setting for any getaway. No need to tell you of the utmost importance of gelato to the Italianate culture, and the jovial campo de Fiori alone makes the whole trip worthwhile. Rome hosts a range of popular landmarks – the Coliseum, Trevi Fountain and Spanish steps may be the first of which come to mind, and all are definitely worth visiting. But if you want to get a real taste of Rome, then make sure you head over to Monti, where you’ll find endless gems of fashion stores, architecture and restaurants tucked away.

Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona is the idyllic location in Europe for any sun-starved students. The Gaudi-designed aesthetic that blankets the city provides explorers with a constant view of distinctive architecture. Gaudi’s famous Catalan cathedral masterpiece, the ‘Sagrada Familia’, is a definite must-see. With the thriving cities just a walk away from the sandy beaches, Barcelona accommodates for all types of travellers. The enticing tapas bars are ubiquitous in Barcelona, but I recommend for you to try the local delicacies from the boisterous La Boqueria market. And, of course, Barcelona is well-known for its lively nightlife scene, hosting the worlds top DJs and is the perfect place for lovers of electronic & jazz music.

Berlin, Germany: Perhaps the most well-known European city for its trendy, artistic lifestyle is Berlin. It boasts some legendary clubs and bars to suit all tastes, from the electric beat in Tresor to the ‘Matrix’ style dancefloor in Berghain. This dynamic, vibrant city has a plethora of coffee shops, vintage boutiques and beautiful gothic architecture. Berlin’s not only a pretty face, though. Immerse yourself in the city’s fascinating history as you traverse down the colourful murals on the East Side Gallery, and find authentic sections of the Berlin wall scattered over the city. The electric cultural scene in Mitte is always worth a visit, as well as the evocative landmarks of Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gates.

Paris, France: Paris is the ideal city to kickstart your interrailing trip. The exciting yet beautifully elegant aura of the city lets you engage in the sophisticated Parisian lifestyle; whether you’re lingering over your third pain au chocolat in a picturesque café, or meandering along the streets of Montmartre. Although its known as the expensive city of haute couture, if you wander down the seductively fashionable area of Champs-Elysèes, you will find yourself marvelling at the sights of the Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Notre Dame and (of course) the Eiffel Tower. For a truly French experience, try venturing over to find the overwhelming view from the Sacre Couer, and to indulge yourself in the red light district with the Moulin Rouge.


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