What Our Contributors Will Be Wearing To Their Spring Lectures

Stuck scrolling on TikTok or Pinterest for some uni outfit inspo? We’ve all been there, but luckily some of our contributors have shared what they’ll be reaching for in their wardrobes this spring term!

Words by Imogen Edmonds

As we venture from sitting at our laptops on Zoom to in person lectures, it is inevitable that what we wear at uni this semester is going to change. Whilst we have all become so familiar with the ‘party’ on top, pjs on the bottom look, many of us have become completely out of practice when it comes to wearing well put together outfits every day.

Most importantly, comfort is key when dressing for lectures. A handful of items that you can mix and match to make a capsule wardrobe is perfect for this. Think: joggers (fitted or flared), ribbed leggings and stylish sweatshirts. Although this may sound boring, it is easy to turn a basic outfit into a fashion statement (comfortable doesn’t have to mean unfashionable!)

Accessories are your best friend to turn a simple look into something stylish. A cute headband or some layered necklaces can totally transform your look, whilst retaining the comfort factor that we have all grown to love. Similarly, a pair of comfortable and trusty trainers coupled with some funky crew socks are ideal for walking around campus and can give your fit that edge.

Don’t forget to layer up! As winter melts into spring, it is essential to wear layers. Not only is the weather in Cardiff completely unpredictable, but busy lecture theatres full of students can get warm quickly. Wearing multiple layers allows you to be prepared, whatever the weather.

Additionally, as the seasons change, you may also consider injecting some colour into your wardrobe. A pop of colour in your closet can instantly brighten your mood, which is what we all need when dragging ourselves to those pesky 9ams (as well as lots of coffee!). Why not ditch the grey joggers and try a bold, colourful tracksuit or pretty pastel tank top this semester?

Words by Bethan Gwynne

When looking at this coming year, spring 2022 could be a time to go back to basics. Last year saw a development in crazy, bright, patterns, consisting of florals and 80’s style graphics that quickly went from the runway and onto the fast fashion scene within a short space of time. This is arguably a microtrend of 2021, and I think the colourful patterns that emerged in places from knitwear to leather will be left behind and replaced by basic outlines with colourful monochromatic palettes.

I’ll be finding pieces and drawing inspiration from the 1990’s, looking at the wardrobes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston in the 90’s which display basic palettes of red, blue, black, and white in materials of denim and leather. For me, my go-to outfits for lectures will consist of denim jeans, (add your own touch by using different styles such as mom, flare and straight), leather boots or trainers, long and short sleeve tees that you can swap out depending on the varying weather that often comes in spring, and jackets – my two favourites being my leather bomber and black wool trench – that keep you warm in cold lecture theatres. However, on those days where I’m not feeling inspired, athleisure is my outfit of choice with layering of leggings, tracksuits, and trainers in monochromatic palettes, which always leaves me feeling comfortable and confident, perfect for early morning lectures in the spring. Comfort and creativity are key!

Words by Eve Davies

We are fast approaching that time of year when the weather sits awkwardly between seasons. When wrapping up in the morning is a must but by lunchtime, as the mid-day sun heats up, we feel the need to strip off every extra layer that seemed appropriate just a few hours before. This can often play havoc with outfit choices.

But, if there’s one item that’s a staple in my wardrobe during Spring, it’s my gilet. Plain woven puffer gilets are all the rage right now, and I can see why. Paired with a thick jumper on colder days or a simple long sleeve top on warmer ones, be sure to find me wearing one to all my spring semester lectures.

The gilet dates back to the tilled fields of 15th-century France where they were predominantly worn by males. The field workers liked these garments as they kept the body warmer while allowing full manoeuvrability of the arms. The garments made a return in the nineties when they became known as body warmers and, were styled with combat trousers to give the ultimate hip-hop activewear look.

Throughout the 2000s they have made sporadic returns. In the autumn of 2015, faux fur gilets made a comeback. Now popular fashion brands, (we’re talking Bershka, Stradivarius, ASOS, PLT), have introduced oversized puffer gilets. Last autumn, they really took off. Women’s body warmers are mostly found in black or beige, but you can get them in several materials, including leather or polyester. Their chunky collars mean you can ditch the scarf, leaving one less layer to strip off at lunchtime. Practical and cosy, the body warmer is the perfect accessory for dog walks, coffee runs, or uni lectures.  

Words by Nicole Wong

After a year of remote learning on Zoom and wearing dull pyjamas at home, our offline university life is finally starting to get back on track. I can’t explain how exciting it is and I believe you feel the same way. For me, in the spring term, I would wear a graphic sweatshirt with a pleated skirt. You can never go wrong with sweatshirts or hoodies, plus the combination of a graphic one and a pleated skirt, creates a preppy style and a vivid vibe. The preppy style was popular back in the 90s and 2000s and has come back into mainstream fashion in recent years. I believe this style matches the vibe of uni very well.

The temperature in Cardiff can be quite unpredictable. In this case, I would wear tights or stockings underneath the skirt depending on the temperature. A good-looking outfit may be important but, keeping warm is more important.

I would also wear a baseball jacket as these were extremely trendy last year and are easy to match. Baseball jackets work well with different types of garments, like sweatshirts, jumpers, and one-piece skirts depending on your own sense of style. More importantly though, a thick jacket keeps me warm outside, and I can take it off at any time in the warm lecture theatres. I would also carry a large-capacity canvas bag or backpack to stuff my laptop and any essentials for lectures.

For anyone who is reading, I hope this gives you inspiration for what to wear to uni. The helpful tips are to wear something that makes you feel cosy and confident, and to apply basic fashion items to your outfits. Simple and basic pieces are often the most fashionable and infallible.

Words by Grace Dawson

As Zoom lectures are slowly being phased out and in-person lectures are approaching, this leaves some of us scratching our heads and staring at our wardrobes on a Monday morning. After over a year of typically lounging around in pyjamas or dressing gowns, it’s now time to figure out different outfits for those spring lectures.

One of the first pieces of clothing I’ll be wearing to my lectures is the classic plain body warmer. These have recently become in trend with brands like Zara, Bershka and Stradivarius releasing a variety of colours. I would typically go for the simple black bodywarmer and throw it on with some leggings and a plain-coloured hoodie for comfort.

Alongside a warm body warmer or puffer coat is a staple pair of trainers, especially for all the walking us university students do. My go-to pair of trainers would either be the popular Nike Air Force 1’s for comfort and style, or my trusty purple and white New Balance’s for a pop of colour. Lastly, as the weather slowly starts to get warmer in Cardiff, one of my staple items is a cute cardigan. These go great over simple vest tops and styled with a necklace and some hoop earrings for those sunnier days in the city. Mine are mostly from H&M or second hand from Depop and in pastel blues or greens.

Whatever you decide to wear to lectures, whether its joggers every day or a blazer, just remember to wear what you feel comfortable in!