A Love Letter to ‘In Cafe’

As a vegan in Cardiff, there is absolutely no shortage of great places to eat – Got No Beef for all your junk food needs; Blanche Bakery for insta-worthy cakes and brunch; and Anna Loka for delicious wholefood-based dishes and smoothies. All that being said, sometimes it’s not about going out, sometimes a takeaway is exactly what you need. With Valentines and Chinese New Year still fresh on our minds, please consider this not a review but a love letter to In Cafe, the best Chinese takeaway in Cardiff. 

In Cafe opened on Crwys Road in 2018, the owners moved to Wales from Hong Kong with a goal to share their passion for delicious and authentic Hong Kong style dishes. Since then, they have only continued to grow in popularity and have updated their menu to include all the usual suspects of the British Chinese takeaway alongside their Hong Kong specials. 

Ordering Chinese takeaway as a vegan is usually frustrating; first looking for anywhere that has beancurd (tofu) on the menu, and then inevitably having to phone the restaurant and ask all the awkward questions – can I have that without fish sauce? And without the egg? In Cafe is an absolute godsend, with its own dedicated veggie menu with nearly every dish you could want veganised – hoisin duck pancakes, mapo tofu (without the pork!), chicken satay, Szechuan beef and king prawn chop suey. Yes, it’s all vegan and absolutely delicious!

And finally, a pro tip! Get the app and get your order customised to just how you like it – ask for the sweet and sour chicken balls to be ‘extra crispy’ and thank us later.

Words by: Lizzi Richards

Images: @incafecardiff on Instagram

Featured Image: Elvir K Via Unsplash