Why Treetop is Tip Top: Quench does Adventure Golf

Treetop Adventure Golf is a rainforest themed mini golf course with a total of 36 holes, situated on top of St. David’s shopping centre. The course itself is easy to find with numerous monkey-clad signs leading potential putters up to the third floor car park, where the ambient jungle sounds can be heard from beyond the entrance.

Upon entry, the staff were warm and friendly, and the bar served a selection of good craft beers to enjoy before we tee’d off. The course itself started off easy, but slowly the difficulty ramped up with obstacles and bumps in the course, causing a few of us to exceed the 6 swing limit on the later holes (oops!). The highlights of the course were definitely the sound effects and the faux plants and animals that surrounded the course. A few notable ones included two pelicans perched above a particularly hard hole, who hurl light hearted abuse at the player… infuriatingly funny. In fact, animals and strange statues that glow and talk are a common occurrence and certainly add to the experience!

A rainforest experience is certainly what Treetop offers, everything down to the men’s urinals, which aptly were two hollowed out buckets! I know what you’re thinking, but it’s done tastefully and is in-fact hooked up to the plumbing! Treetop offers good student discounts for the course itself, and fair prices behind the bar. It seems like the perfect place for a few mates to go out and have a few drinks with a bit of extra entertainment, but we also noticed a lot of couples having a drink and a put… maybe for some the rainforest experience is the perfect setting for romance! To each their own!