Film & TV

Downton Abbey Café? The New Experience Economy

By Amy King

It’s not only television and film themed festivals and events that are growing in popularity by the year, themed locations are too. Interaction with scenes, places and characters from popular films and television series has opened up a whole new economy, the ‘new experience economy’. In September, Birmingham hosted a Peaky Blinders themed festival in which hundreds of attendees wore newsboy caps, flapper outfits and some even wore entire outfits of period-correct attire. Because of recent events like this, the new experience economy is desperately devising new ideas to keep up with the popular trend. Here are some ideas of my own…

Due to aesthetic and creative settings rising in popularity so that they appear more on social media, experience café’s and restaurants would always remain in the mainstream. Because of this, a Lego Movie or Downton Abbey restaurant/café would be well-liked by a wide age range and become highly commercial. Lego blocks can be used to create bars, seats, cups and floors creating an artistic and colourful setting. Since Downton Abbey is a historical drama, the setting of old England in the 1920’s era would attract a wide range of viewers who are interested in the show and the history. A restaurant with chandeliers and white clothed tables, as well as only serving traditional dishes from that era, would really set the scene. Themed hotels, hostels and Airbnb’s would also do well in the experience market. A hotel that replicates that of The Shining, with its large reception room and patterned hallway carpets, would make a picturesque setting for fans of the film and art deco. To make the hotel more related to the film, other than the setting, scenes could be recreated around the hotel such as the ‘Here’s Jonny’ scene and the bicycle scene of little Danny Torrance.