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Review: Frozen 2

By Harriet Lowbridge

Disney’s new Frozen 2 is a brilliant sequel of Elsa and Anna’s adventures. The film follows the origin story of Elsa’s magical powers and the mysterious neighbouring kingdom hidden in an enchanted fog. The story is slightly darker, more magical and follows a more mature storyline whilst keeping true to the playful style of the original Frozen. It’s quite refreshing for a Disney sequel, which are traditionally known as lacklustre to the originals. With Frozen 2 you could argue it surpasses the original with its classic Disney humour and stunning depth. 

All of the characters are developed more deeply. We now see them deal with grief, adventure, the complications of love, the sins of the past, uncomfortable realisations about loved ones and what to do in the face of complete loss. The characters deal with feeling suddenly out of place in a life they’ve built for themselves whilst dealing with a mysterious siren calling Elsa towards an unknown cause. Olaf, the comedic sidekick snowman, faces an existential crisis while continuing his brilliant slapstick humour and adorably innocent commentary. Through Olaf we’re also introduced to everyone’s favourite new character… Samantha. The film brilliantly caters to the younger audience that fell in love with the original Frozen and the humour of a millennial generation waiting to be older for when ‘everything makes sense’. Frozen 2 also gives one of the rare nods to a generation that grew up on Disney and are slowly coming to the realisation that they’re growing up, acknowledging the passing of six years between the Frozen films.

The soundtrack is on par with the Disney classics, a bit more developed than the original Frozen and will have you humming for weeks afterwards. Not to mention the amazing cover of ‘Into the Unknown’ by Panic! at the Disco in the credits scene and Queen-esque ‘Lost in the Woods’ for any 80’s music fans. Each song brings a new life to the film, whether bringing attention to a character’s plight or just throwing in the usual eighteen-reindeer-acapella that you find in all movies these days. Then you have the stunning new character designs, Disney consulted and created a contract with the Sámi tribe, an indigenous Scandinavian culture, for the chanting songs and design of the Northuldra people, giving the film a really authentic feel to its creation. Not to mention the designs which were quite aptly swapped between the sisters, bringing their character designs together to echo each other. The princesses mature with the movie and their new costumes are a great example of how far they’ve come. 

A fun fact about the film as well: it’s the first theatrical release of a Disney princess sequel, and in all honesty, it was a great film to start the new trend with. Frozen 2 is an action and fantasy packed ride, with all the magic and perfect new characters from people to animals to magic, elemental sprites. What more could you need from a new Disney film? Frozen 2 really upped the game for Disney who have been getting some slack for the constant remaking of beloved classics in live action. They’re stepping away from the nostalgia card and have set a new bar with Frozen 2. I’d definitely recommend you go follow our favourite sisters on their latest journey into the unknown.