10 Foods That Were Taken From Us Too Soon

Mars Planets / Photo taken from Student Problems, Photo Credits: Mars

If there’s one thing that I could bring back from my childhood, it’s the snacks that shaped my school packed-lunches, ice-cream man visits, and summer holiday picnics. So, for a chance to visit those happy days gone by, here’s a ranking of 10 of the foods that were taken from us far too soon.

10. Calippo Shots

Calippo Shots- the only worthy choice at the ice cream man on a blistering hot day, when a flake 99 just won’t cut it. Yes, you’d spend most of the time trying to separate all the tiny balls that had most likely frozen together into one big lump, but that was part of the fun! I put these in last place because they have returned, but you can only buy them in bulk rather than at supermarkets. Still, if this means that they’re back at ice-cream vans, I’ll be happy.

9. Candy Cigarettes

These go back two generations, as my mum used to tell me how these were one of her favourite sweets growing up too. It isn’t shocking that a sweet with cigarette in the name caused quite a lot of controversy, as many believed that eating these candy versions would lead to more people smoking later on in life.  You can still buy them today, but they’re now described as candy sticks, or simply candy instead. Compared to the much more colourful, flavourful sweets on the market now, it’s no surprise that they’re not popular with kids these days and aren’t likely to come back into favour anytime soon.

8. Cadbury Marble
Cadbury Marble / Photo taken from, Photo Credits: Cadbury

The sophisticated older sister to Dairy Milk, Cadbury Marble was a blend of Dairy Milk chocolate and Dream White chocolate, with a hazelnut praline centre. Yes, you could just get a bar of Milk instead, but in my mind there’s no comparison. After rumours started that they would be returning to UK stores, Cadbury said to “watch this space”. So far, it’s been spotted in a couple of smaller shops, but until it’s available Nationwide, I’ll be waiting with my basic bar of Dairy Milk.

7. Cheese String Spaghetti

Controversial I know, but I always used to bite into Cheese Strings rather than peel them apart, much to the horror of my school friends. However, Cheese String Spaghetti was a whole different ball game. Having pre-stringed pieces of cheese to play with was much more fun, and I would happily spend a good 10 minutes knotting it together and making a mess before actually eating it. Each to their own, I guess? Sadly, the original cheese string reigns supreme and the spaghetti version no longer graces our shelves. It’s probably a good thing really, but for younger children discovering the wonders of a packed lunch: you’re missing out.

6. Mars Planets

These were basically the elite version of Revels because they didn’t include what everybody knows are the three worst flavours: coffee, orange, and the dreaded raisin. With three different flavours in the bag (caramel, nougat and crispy), you were always guaranteed to get a nice flavour, and eating the caramel and nougat together tasted just like a Mars Bar. It’s a shame these were discontinued, but at least the Mars Bites are similar enough that I can still get my Mars fix in miniature form.

5. Turkey Twizzlers
Turkey Twizzlers / Photo taken from, Photo Credits: Bernard Matthews

Some might argue that these should take the top spot, as people still seem torn over the fact that Jamie Oliver got these banned. But I have to confess I have no memory of ever eating these, so a middle ground spot seemed a fair compromise. After giving them a healthy makeover, Bernard Matthews have tried to redeem themselves by relaunching Turkey Twizzlers in 2017 in two flavours: Tangy Tomato, and Chilli Cheese. However, they’ve been met with harsh critics, and are nowhere near as popular anymore. I’m guessing the lack of crispy coating and E-Numbers in the new and improved ‘healthy’ version has something to do with it.

4. Galaxy Hot Chocolate (Microwavable)

These disappeared from shelves just as quickly as they appeared, that I started to think I’d made them up in my head. They were in individual pots, filled with thick hot chocolate and topped with a pot of mini marshmallows to stir in after heating. For the short time they were available to buy, I distinctly remember it being the thickest, creamiest hot chocolate I’d ever tried- like pure melted galaxy chocolate. It’s a good job they were quite quite steep for a 10 year old at £1.00 per drink, because otherwise I’d have been drinking multiple a day. Looking back on it, it’s probably best they were discontinued for my wallet and my waistline.

3. Mini Pringles

Okay, yes, this isn’t the saddest thing to appear on the list considering how widely available normal sized Pringles are, but hear me out. Pringles are just slightly too big to eat gracefully in one bite, and they always make a mess if you bite them in half. Not only this, but they might stop me from eating a whole tube if they come in individual packets too.

2. Trident Splash

For a child growing up with a strong hatred for anything mint-flavoured, but even stronger desire to chew gum to look ‘cool’, Trident Splash became a very welcome way to spend my pocket money. Yes, the flavoured centre only lasts for about 10 seconds, but those 10 seconds were pure bliss.

1. White Chocolate Maltesers
White Maltesers / Photo taken from Mail Online, Photo Credits: Mars

We’ve lost so many good White Chocolate products over the years, such as Dream, Flake Snow, and Milkybar counters. Yes, some have reappeared, but they are only available during seasonal periods which begs the question: is our love for white chocolate only supposed to appear at Christmas?? One that hasn’t even been reintroduced at Christmas is White Chocolate Maltesers. Everyone knows that Maltesers are one of the best chocolates out there, and white chocolate lovers deserve their own version. There’s even a petition, so make sure to sign to show you’re support and help bring some much-needed joy in these uncertain days.