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Cardiff’s Best Veggie and Vegan Spots

By Nadine Pinnock


If you’re a new student in Cardiff, or just recently getting into a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, you may feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to finding meat-free eateries. Cardiff has no shortage of wholesome, delicious vegan and vegetarian food– the only hurdle is separating the okay from the outstanding.

Rounding up the best cafés and restaurants across Cardiff – whether fully plant-based or just happening to offer a winning range of veggie grub – you’ll soon be finding amazing meals without straining your student loan!


Possibly the most renowned vegetarian restaurant in Cardiff – and for good reason! Milgi’s relaxed, indie vibe gives you the perfect environment to sit and enjoy a collection of the tasty dishes they offer. Nutritious lunches and satisfying, seasonal main courses to scoff when you fancy a meal with some substance. You can visit Milgi on City Road, or more recently, at their spot in Cardiff Central market. (Image credit:



Vegetarian Food Studio

This 100% vegetarian curry house will have you spoilt for choice. The menu is overflowing with classic Indian favourites, and a few new dishes to intrigue your veggie taste buds. If you enjoy spice, or want the flavour of your food to pack a punch, then this is the restaurant for you. Cooked with care, and inexpensive enough for a student budget, the Vegetarian Food Studio is situated just over the bridge on Penarth Road – but if you’re not keen for a trek it can be delivered to you. A lazy student’s dream!


Cosy Club

Aesthetically pleasing and frankly, cosy, Cardiff’s Cosy Club is a hot spot for diners in search of ambience. Right in the heart of the city centre, vegetarians can be awed by the meat-free selection and vegans are treated to a separate menu with an abundance of plant-based dishes, or even tapas if you fancy something lighter. Stationed in St David’s in the heart of Cardiff, Cosy Club is ideal for a weekend treat.


Anna Loka

Fully vegan café Anna Loka is full of character, and their menu provides an impressive range of sweet and savoury breakfasts. A little later on you’ll find lunches to satisfy your appetite, whether you’re a healthy eater or looking for a more indulgent meal. Clearly marked gluten-free options mean Anna Loka is inclusive of all kinds of dietary needs. They even offer a dreamy Sunday roast! Based in Roath, and boasting a student-friendly price range, Anna Loka is not to be missed. (Image credit:



The Moos

Imagine walking into a convenience café and grabbing veggie-friendly food without hunting around looking at the ingredient labels for half an hour. This is the reality at The Moos Coffee and Juice! Try a salad for a wholesome, refreshing lunch, or sit down with a coffee and panini to hit the spot. With creative options and classics like a sausage sandwich – you can rest assured that everything is vegan friendly. You can find The Moos on Whitchurch Road. (Image credit:



New York Deli

Not a fully vegetarian spot, but one with delicious meat-free options. The unique, chilled atmosphere puts a spin on a typical deli, where you can chow down on sandwiches, bagels, grinders and hot dogs. The selection of vegan meat and cheese means that no veggie is left behind, and the portion sizes will have you begging for… less. Head down to the High Street Arcade, get inspired by the specials board and tuck in!


The Plan

The arcades are bursting independent cafés and lunch spots, and The Plan is one welcoming of veggies and vegans. Wedged into the menu are some flavourful vegan choices, and The Plan is also a coffee lover’s delight. One for a slightly more sophisticated lunchtime, you should stroll down to the Morgan Arcade to have a taste at this café. (Image credit:



As you can see, a veggie lifestyle can be enjoyed with ease in our wonderful city. Though the above should give you a great starting point for the best vegetarian and vegan eats in Cardiff, it’s not extensive. Make sure you check out the Central Market for some veggie tasters, and shops like Beanfreaks and Simply V can offer vegan delights that are worth hunting for. With a plethora of independent eateries with constantly growing vegan options, you’re spoilt for choice in Cardiff.