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Gassy’s: The Relaunch.

It’s back! New name (RIP “Jack’s”), new image (hellooooo sexy purple), and a new menu (don’t worry, not all your old favourites are gone) – welcome to the sparkly new Gassy’s. Still situated on that busy Salisbury Rd corner, you will be unable to miss it as you walk by, with its bright purple and rainbow design! Step inside and you’ll be welcomed by our beloved red dragon, in a street-art-style display. Upon walking in on a quiet press evening, I was able to experience attentive service and speedily-delivered, delicious food. I ordered the Big House Burger: a 6oz burger with bacon, nacho cheese and BBQ sauce, which was super tasty and it was accompanied by skinny fries and an array of different sauce bottle choices! But if this one doesn’t sound like it will float your boat, you could try the mac n’ cheese burger, a burrito, ribs or if you’re veggie or vegan– a quinoa burger, veggie penang or maybe a dhal! There’s a double-A3 broadsheet of choice. And don’t forget, if you fancy a reasonably-priced, delicious breakfast date close to home, Gassy’s is the place to go – it even has free coffee refills! Hello, hangover cure!

But turning away from the menu, it is key to mention that Gassy’s is still going to be the lively sports bar you all remember it to be. With a jam-packed weekly itinerary, and a monthly calendar of sports events they will cover, Gassy’s will always be a fun place to go. You can go quizzing, karaoke singing and go to an open mic night every week! So I hope you’re all very excited for the re-opening – get your social secs right on to booking a social there and try out the new range of alcohol and check out the new funky vibes.


Big House Burger


Words by Charlotte Clark