TramSHRED at Tramshed

Here at Quench Food, we indulged over the festive season. So when we got an invite to go down to Tramshred at Tramshed, a HIIT workout followed by prosecco and a healthy brunch, we were excited to attend. So we turned up, eager to get to the end of that hour of sweating so we could sink a glass of bubbly and eat some tasty breakfast (which our bellies were grumbling for by the time it got to noon!) But as we were ushered into a dark room filled with ladies ready to go, we got our fitness hats on.

Firstly, it has to be said that the class leader, Rossi, was absolutely excellent.His enthusiasm and liveliness made the class an absolute pleasure. Despite Rossi leading our ‘Smash HIITs’ class, we were informed that other instructors run the 80s and 90s themed classes. But we are certain that each class and instructor would be fun, due to the astounding popularity and attendance at each weekly class. For us, our class focused on a mixture of boxercise and classic aerobics and trust me, my arms feel like they’re hanging off today! It is fair to say we earned our brunch afterwards.

It was a solid hour of high-energy routines, but Rossi made sure there were always varying layers of each move: allowing for the ranging abilities of the class to get equally involved. For us, we fancied ourselves as athletes for the day and chose the harder versions of the routines and we were DRENCHED by the end in our disgusting sweat. Delicious. Additionally to the effective nature of the workout, it felt so comfortable in the room of strangers. Rossi made sure we gave each other high-fives as we ran by each other and to really make friends of the people we were working out next to. As a result, the room felt like a buzzing hive of empowered and happy women. What would be great is if more men got involved! Hopefully over the next month’s worth of classes Tramshed will see an increase in male attendees because the class was fun for everyone!

On to the brunch: the protein pancakes with berries. The only thing I could have asked for all day was more berries. The pancakes were thick American-style pancakes and were fluffy and light, but a bit more berry moisture would have made the whole breakfast more enjoyable. But it’s not like I didn’t have prosecco to wash it down at 12 in the afternoon, so how valid is my moan, really?! The avocado and egg on toast also looked so scrummy so would definitely get that upon returning to a future class!

On the whole, the experience was so much fun! The class was tiring and had a pleasant unified feel to it, where the brunch and the prosecco made all the pain worthwhile. It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning with a friend.

Upcoming Class n’ a Glass¬†dates: 11th February, 18th February and 25th February.

Twitter: @tramshred


Words by Charlotte Clark