I Will Walk For Food. Will you?

My idea of exercise is a brisk walk to the bathroom and back. I might squeeze in a little pitstop at the fridge, but that’s the most cardio I’m going to do. Can you blame me though? 

Exercise is tough, and painful, and for what? 

Longevity? Health? I’m sorry but you’ll just have to resign yourself to my early demise due to a fatty degeneration of the heart.  

However, if there’s one thing everyone knows about me, it’s that food (read: sugar) is my ultimate motivation in life. I will walk for it, climb for it, run for it; heck, I even got lost in the muddy woods for hours just to get an acai bowl. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. 

By the way, said acai bowl was exceedingly mediocre and not worth my three hours of orienteering in the Radyr bush for. It was my one great regret but I promise you, these places that I’m going to recommend are 100 percent worth the trek.

We’ll start off easy. Wander down Cowbridge Road East and you’ll find The Apothecary. It’s the most adorable tea room and they serve this rose cake that is absolutely glorious. Remember to check the weather when you’re visiting because when the potholes in Cowbridge road fill up with rainwater, your feet will be soaked, hypothermia will be imminent and the Apothecary’s back garden will be unavailable. On the bright side, you’ll probably qualify as a steeplechase athlete. 

Head further down that pothole-riddled road and you’ll end up at Victoria Park. If you don’t get distracted by the water play area (it’s for kids only but aren’t we all), you’ll find yourself inundated with the amount of good food options there.

Ansh is a standout. They do the best burgers — stuffed with meat and cheese and sauce and did I say meat? Be sure to stock up on napkins ‘cuz things are gonna get messy. Their neighbour, Nook, is a must-visit too. Snagging a place on the Michelin Guide, their small plates, natural wines and seasonal menus always hit the spot. 

Now we’ll switch courses and head up North to Llandaff Cathedral. Next to it is Deli Bach, the epitome of Welsh brunch culture. They’re secreted away in the back of a flower shop and offer the best best best scotch eggs I’ve tried. The runny yolk and crispy crust combi had me on my knees.​​ Their deli breakfasts look amazing also. I haven’t tried them yet, but homemade duck fat hash browns are included so I would most definitely be on my knees for that too. All the produce they use is locally-sourced, so another reason to support them! 

If you continue walking in a vaguely northward direction, you’ll chance upon Myloaf. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays, it’s the sweetest little bakery with the longest queue snaking out their front door. They do bread and cakes and pies and tarts and this is basically bread heaven at an incredibly affordable price. A word of advice: when you go, go alone. You’ll discover that your stomach’s too broad and heart too narrow when you lay eyes on those brownies. Sometimes, being selfish is the only option.  

There we are! I hope you enjoyed this list of some of the tastiest, trek-worthy eateries around Cardiff. Of course, there are more, but did you think I was gonna reveal all my secrets? Sometimes, when you gotta gatekeep, you gotta gatekeep!