Lockdown Cravings

We’re all missing our favourite coffee shops and fancy restaurant meals right now. Here’s a homage to some of our favourite spots around Cardiff that we can’t wait to get back to!

Pettigrew Tea Rooms 

By Catarina Vicente

Quarantine has been around for what feels like forever. Stores are closed, streets are (more or less) empty, and a feeling of dread and anxiety seems to have settled over everyone. In days like these, where can we find comfort? Food, of course. Going out to eat has never sounded more appealing. Unfortunately, as most restaurants are closed, we are deprived of the eating-out experience. Sure, there’s still food delivery – apps like UberEats are abundant – but not for all food establishments. The Pettigrew Tea Rooms are one of these. An old restaurant at the edge of Bute Park, it is the perfect place to go for freshly made scones or cakes, or if you want to feel fancy eating tiny sandwiches from tiered platters. I know for certain I’ll be paying it a visit after lockdown is lifted. As there’s no sign of that happening anytime soon, food deliveries will have to do for now, but it’ll certainly make the first meal out of quarantine that much sweeter.

JP Cafe

By Anna Heledd

I’m craving a lot whilst in quarantine; I’d love to go to Zizzi’s, Waga’s, maybe even order a cheeky takeaway. But there’s one thing I can’t stop thinking about, and that’s coffee. Not just your bog standard Costa either, oh no. My heart belongs to the coffee made by the lovely folks at Cardiff Uni’s very own John Percival cafe. First of all, it’s cheap as chips, to the extent where I can nearly justify buying one, sometimes even two, cups a day (I can give up whenever I want mum). Also, it’s bloody good stuff. As a loyal lover of the soy cap, I’m never disappointed. I go there so often that the lovely coffee man doesn’t even have to ask me anymore if I want chocolate on top. Is that even a question? So right now, there’s no comfort I’d want more than to hold my frothy coffee whilst waiting around for my next lecture. 

The Early Bird

By Megan Evans

The Early Bird café is the perfect stop for a full English brekkie, a steaming cup of coffee and one of their delicious homemade cinnamon swirls with vanilla glaze icing. Whether you’re with your friends or that special someone, it is such a lovely place to enjoy some company as well as a great study space, which I miss dearly. Situated in the heart of Cathays on Woodville Road, they have a broad menu that’s vegan friendly, and all dishes are homemade on site. I am particularly craving some of their gorgeous homemade sourdough bread that they use for toast, and their baked beans, as there is nothing quite like the taste of locally sourced ingredients and affordable student prices. Not only does the food taste so wonderful, the staff are incredibly friendly, and I will always cherish local cafes as I have worked in them for many years. A large proportion of their food is healthy so it’s suitable for those who want to maintain a healthy diet, but their assortment of sweet treats will certainly catch your eye and fill your taste buds with joy!


By Manon Jones

Cardiff is full of some of the best food spots and I’m sure we are all missing our favourite local student coffee shops or breakfast spots, but for me I am definitely missing a good old Wagamama’s. The British restaurant chain serves the most amazing Asian food based on Japanese cuisine. From fragrant curries, moreish sides, irresistible ramen and an impressive range of vegan and vegetarian options there is bound to be something for everyone. One of their most famous dishes being the tasty chicken Katsu curry, which I’m sure many people are missing right now, has now been circulating online as Wagamama has released the official recipe for us to try at home. (There’s a few more on their website as well!) While stuck in lockdown at home I have found myself craving the delicious yasai pad-thai with tofu, vegetable tempura, steamed gyozas and even the free complimentary green tea. I, for one, while definitely be heading there for my first meal out after lockdown regulations have finally been lifted.