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Memberoo Loyalty App Launch at Science Cream

By Nadine Pinnock

In the previous month Cardiff saw the launch of the shiny new rewards app – Memberoo. Leaving behind the loyalty cards of the past, Memberoo allows you to collect points across many different eateries across Cardiff and beyond. Calling all bargain-savvy students, a quick visit to the App Store could result in rewards and treats worth indulging in. That pint at 29 Park Place could evolve into a burger, lunch at Chai Street could turn into dinner, and the most intriguing reward of all: free ice cream!

The Memberoo launch at Science Cream showed us only a small snippet of the potential that Memberoo has for the food scene in Cardiff. We eagerly headed to the shop in the Castle Arcade, greeted by balloons and smiling faces. The spectacle of the liquid nitrogen ice cream concoction was enough to make anyone’s inner child grin. On a hot June day, nothing could beat the first refreshing spoonful of ice cream, and the flavour packed a punch that we won’t forget any time soon. We had the Memberoo app ready and waiting and with a quick tap, it was completely free! Not to mention we were able to scan a barcode through and start collecting those all-important loyalty points. Science Cream have a fantastic and ever-changing selection of flavours, and even a vegan option for those of you who opt-out of dairy. It’s a must-visit for all Cardiff students, so freshers take note!

Using Memberoo was so quick and easy, and we’ve been scrolling through the home page ever since to hunt down offers we love. Whether you’re a coffee addict, a sweet tooth or a burger connoisseur, you can collect loyalty points with the ease of a tap. Start making those savings we students crave and download Memberoo now and see where you can treat yourself!