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REVIEW: Robbie Williams – The Heavy Entertainment Show

Robbie Williams can entertain me anytime he likes after the amazing show he performed.

On the 21st of June at the Principality Stadium, Robbie Williams wowed Welsh fans with his old hits as well as new tunes. ‘The Son of Wales’ gave an outstanding show which outshined any other concert I have been to – and I’ve been to many! Williams reminded us all how much he loves Wales and feels apart of the Welsh community with his iconic Celtic last name. Robbie was kindly given a Welsh flag by a member of the audience towards the end of the concert and he sang holding our national flag in honour. A very proud moment for every Welshman or Welshwoman present to the concert.

50,000 screaming fans all ready to dance and be rock DJ’d, flooded the stadium. The atmosphere was buzzing before Robbie was even on stage. I overheard other concertgoers talking about how Robbie Williams has independently inspired them all (eavesdropping at its best). One woman said that ‘Angels’ was performed at her mother’s funeral, which would undoubtedly be a monumentally emotional performance for her, and many others in a similar position. Another said how she puts ‘Rock DJ’ on every night, she goes out to make her feel more confident- girl I totally agree with there! Oh Robbie, we love you and your music in so many ways!

Let me set the scene for you: it’s the hottest day in the UK for 40-odd-years, and longest day of summer in 2017. Despite the humidity and unimaginable body heat, the crowd’s presence and buzz did not waver. The artwork and stage backdrop was one of the most creative I have seen. To the right of the stage was a gigantic Robbie Williams silhouette wearing boxing gloves, where pictures of Robbie electronically changed throughout the night in harmony with different bright colours and lighting.

Let Me Entertain You’ was his entrance song – no other song more suitable. The first few beats of the famous number, and everyone jumped to their feet dancing, making it feel as if the ground was shaking underneath the crowd’s busy feet. The atmosphere was astonishing after only three minutes. The high expectation set for the night before the song had even finished had every member of the audience in awe. “Turn the fire things off, it’s f*****g boiling in here”, Robbie had us all crying of laughter as soon as he started speaking. He then followed with, ‘Monsoon’, his new song, ‘Love my Life’ and a Take That’s favourite ‘The Flood’.

Robbie welcomed a young lady from Birmingham on the stage with him – the jealousy was real! She ‘sang’ ‘Say Something Stupid’ alongside the man himself. I invert-comma the word sang, as Robbie put a voice charger over her mouth so she sounded like a slightly sophisticated Scooby-Doo. I was roaring with laughter. This was the first time I’d actually seen someone use a voice charger before so that was an experience within itself. Let’s just say the female part did not exactly sound like Nicole Kidman, but we all had a great laugh out of it.

Robbie Williams gave a heartfelt speech about his love and appreciation for George Michael, “I wondered how I could become a famous pop star, when George Michael existed. We love you George”. The crowds were screaming for George and crying because Robbie touched all of our hearts in that moment. He performed Michael’s song ‘Freedom ‘90’ and was emotional throughout. Robbie mentioned the Manchester victims before the end of the concert, the song ‘Angels’ was dedicated to the victims their families and everyone affected by the heart-breaking incident. Furthermore, he sang ‘Strong’, which was sang at Arianna Grande’s ‘One Love’ concert in Manchester. Robbie sang his heart out and everyone in the stadium sang with him.

When Robbie was singing ‘Angels’ he requested that the audience get their phones out and light up the entire stadium. The audience even started singing the song again after Robbie left the stage. The inseparability of the crowd made the experience very special and reminded us all that we must group together during times of hardship. Robbie Williams made everybody feel a part of the show and as if we were his best friends.

Sweet Caroline’, an atypical dad’s favourite karaoke song was song by Robbie and Peter Williams (Conway) – Robbie Williams’ dad. Without any doubt, this duo performance was the most adorable part of a concert I have ever seen! Everyone was singing along and swinging back and forwards to the timeless classic. The crowd was energetic and enjoyed every second of this thoughtful performance. It was the perfect way to make his father feel proud and appreciated.

Robbie is a pop star angel who inspires many of his fans to not give a shit, feel good about themselves and love their lives that they have. After the concert, I felt powerful, beautiful, and free. Nobody left the stadium feeling disappointed; the only disappointment was that the concert was over and we had to go home! I would definitely love to see Robbie Williams again if he is back in Cardiff or near to Cardiff. I hope that Robbie will be back soon to bless Cardiff with his incredible self. A Heavy Entertainment Show indeed.

By Rachel Nurse