Review: The Best of Cardiff Bubble Tea

Image by Rosalind Chang (via Unsplash)

Words by Molly Allen

I adore bubble tea. Originating in Taiwan, the drink consists of a tea base and comes in a multitude of flavours. From creamy milk teas to refreshing fruit flavours, the drink is incredibly versatile! The tea also typically comes with toppings. Tapioca pearls, popping balls and jelly are just some of the toppings available, and they too come in many flavours. Since moving to Cardiff I have discovered that there are many bubble tea locations around the city, so I decided to write my thoughts on some of them!

Bubbleology – St Mary’s Street

Adopting a science theme, ‘Bubbleology’ is a good place to visit for those who want to have their first bubble tea. This restaurant also conveniently offers delivery on Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat. The portion sizes are very generous, with a ‘super-size’ only being 20p extra. My preferred drink of choice is the rose milk tea with lychee popping bubbles (the drink also comes with free strawberry jelly!).

One downside is the toppings cost extra to add, while at other locations they are included within the drink. It is also worth mentioning that despite the wide choice of flavours, there are other locations that offer more options. I also once tried a taro milk tea and the texture was quite powdery, so I would say that the restaurant can sometimes be hit and miss when it comes to taste.

Bubble Base – Queen’s Arcade

This restaurant was the first I visited in Cardiff when starting University, and the tea is excellent! The portion size is decent and is around the same size as Bubbleology, and they also offer delivery on Deliveroo and Just Eat (when we aren’t in lockdown!).

I would highly recommend grabbing a drink from Bubble Base once it reopens! The tea is honestly delicious and a decent price, and I would recommend trying the taro milk tea with lychee boba.

Image by RODNAE Productions (via Pexels)

Tealith – Morgan Quarter

Tealith offer a wide range of flavours, including some more experimental ones. They offer ‘fizzy teas’ which are soft drinks mixed with tea, so if you are looking for something different to try this is the best place for you! They also have delivery and offer a collection service on their website. My favourite choice would be the taro bubble shake.

One criticism is the portion sizes are slightly smaller than other places. They also only offer bubble shakes on collection.  Due to lockdown, they are also currently unavailable, but make sure to check out their delicious drinks once they reopen! They are an amazing place to go for experimental flavours!

Boba Time – Cardiff University’s Student’s Union and Capitol Centre

Boba Time has two separate locations, and both are convenient for students. They deliver on Deliveroo, and at the time of writing this if you spend £10 you receive a free drink.  So if you are looking for a treat you can order three and drink them throughout the day, or invite your housemates to join you and split the cost! My favourite is the pineapple jasmine fruit tea with passionfruit boba.

The only negative that comes to mind is the portion sizes are not as large as other places. However, with the online offer currently happening on Deliveroo it works out cheaper to order from here. I would highly recommend Boba Time!

Image by RODNAE Productions (via Pexels)

Mooboo – St John Street

Mooboo is one of the newer restaurants in Cardiff, and it doesn’t disappoint. Available on Deliveroo, this restaurant offers the most flavours of them all! They all taste incredible and come in a decent portion size. This is one of the restaurants I order from the most. I would recommend trying the mango milk tea or the strawberry milk tea, both with cherry popping bubbles.

One of the toppings I would not recommend is the cheese mousse topping. The taste was quite salty and a strange consistency that didn’t complement the flavour of tea I chose. If you are looking for something new to try go for it, but if you are looking for just a standard tea Mooboo is a good place to go to!

Fang’s Oriental Bakery – Woodville Road

Fang’s Oriental Bakery is my favourite bubble tea place in Cardiff. Located on Woodville Road, it is a small business that also offers delicious baked goods! The tea tastes amazing and is in my opinion the best in Cardiff. The portion sizes are generous, and the staff are super friendly. The prices are also very good too! I tend to order the mango milk tea with passionfruit bubbles.

The only downside to this restaurant would be that it doesn’t offer delivery and the variety of drinks is quite small. However, its currently open for collection and by buying from them you are supporting a small business. If you love bubble tea I would honestly recommend Fang’s Oriental Bakery!