Simple and Fresh Water Infusion Recipes

By Georgia Evans

Procrastination is my thing. The dishes, my washing, deadlines – I’ll put it off until the last possible second. But there’s one thing that you bet I’ll achieve every single day without fail– drinking my two litres (minimum) of water. Not only do I genuinely enjoy a great glug of H20, I notice such a difference in my brain function, energy level and skin when I’m keeping on top of my intake. Studies show that most Brits aren’t drinking enough water, despite its necessity to daily life.

Admittedly, I am partial to grabbing a large (17p) 2 litre bottle of water from Tesco across the road due to sheer convenience. I know there’s water in my tap, and I don’t care what anyone says – you can taste the difference.

Single use plastic is something I’m becoming increasingly aware of; to reduce my carbon footprint and make a positive environmental contribution I’ve decided it’s time to switch to a reusable water bottle and ditch the bottled water. This journey has taught me that tap water doesn’t have to be boring; there are several easy recipes that can be used to jazz up the common refreshment that also have additional properties to aid wellbeing and health.


Lemons are a firm favourite of mine and of many. Lemons are my first choice of infusion; the acidity of the lemons neutralise the metallic taste in tap water, making it all the more refreshing.

In the morning, a warm lemon water is particularly beneficial, aiding digestion and waking up the body gently which can reduce bloating. But whether you chose to drink your lemon water first thing in the morning or last think at night; the benefits that a zesty slice in your water can bring don’t end there. Vitamin C is said to encourage the production of collagen and detoxification– your skin will reap the benefits.



Cucumber’s mild, inoffensive flavours are the perfect touch to your standard tap water as they consist of 95% water – it’s a natural pairing. Inexpensive and enjoyable, cucumber is extremely accessible and, like lemon, is reeling with health benefits. They’re high in antioxidant properties which can help reduce redness and encourage clear skin, in addition to supporting muscle growth due to high levels of Vitamin K, which helps transport Calcium to the bones.


On its own, or combined with a few slices of cucumber, this refreshing cocktail will serve your taste buds, your thirst and your health. An abundance of health properties belongs to this popular herb, including possession of the highest antioxidant capacity of any food. It’s convenient to add into your diet and will encourage you to drink more flavoursome water – winning.


If you’re more likely to drink your water if it’s aesthetically pleasing, pink and perfumed, you’ll love this infusion. Pop a few slices of strawberries in your water and leave overnight for optimum sweet sensations. Strawberries are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that aid anti-aging within the body and promote healthy skin, nails and hair. More importantly, strawberry infused water helps boost your mood and reduce muscle fatigue! For an extra fruity concoction, a few slices of Kiwi will satisfy the sweetest of tooth’s.


Watermelon is the perfect light, refreshing snack on a sunny summer’s eve, and even better in your water. As the name would suggest, watermelon consists of around 92% water, a few chunks add a subtle and gentle hint of flavour to your refreshment without any calories. Watermelon is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to remove stress, so not only does it taste great but your body will love you for it, too!