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Welsh Delights

By Katie Duffin

Most people who come to live in Wales seem to develop a special place in their hearts for God’s country. In lieu of St David’s day...

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Food Fashions of the Decade

Açai Bowls

Words by Catarina Vicente

The first time I had açai, it was served to me in a plain bowl, topped with chia seeds, granola and coconut...

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Review: Nook, Cowbridge

Peter Wolinski kindly reviewed Nook for Quench.

Browsing Tripadvisor is extremely
entertaining. I’ve no idea what possesses anyone in their right mind to...

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Weirdly World Foods

Words By Lottie Ennies
The British diet isn’t that wide, but even by our standards, there’s a lot of peculiar stuff that other nations eat. Whether...

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Hotpot Spot | Review

Words By Caterina Dassiè
Quench were invited to try some of the food of Hotpot Spot.
In the middle of Roath, based on Wellfield Road at the first floor of the...

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Cocoa & Drizzle | Review

Words By Caterina Dassiè
Cocoa & Drizzle is a brownies business…you heard me…BROWIES (and blondies) delivered to your door. Lauren, the founder and...

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Bangkok Café | Review

Words by Ashavari Baral
As a deep lover of pan Asian cuisine, I have a high standard of what constitutes as good Asian food. Noodles, stir fry and thick soups...