The Alchemist | Review

By Indigo Jones

A fusion between science, alcohol and maybe even a little bit of magic, the alchemist is the new alternative bar situated in St Mary Street, with vibrant cocktails that are tasty yet also eye-catching. Cardiff is the newest location to join the Alchemist chain. It is the perfect city to branch out as the bar is situated at the heart of the student capital city town centre. It is guaranteed to be busy every night.

Their cocktail menu which includes over 50 different drinks has also a variety of flavours and different alchohols, juices and twists. From sweet and fruity to sour options and even mocktails for those who want a calmer night, it does appeal to anyone. They also feature sharers on the menu: larger drinks suitable for 2-4 people (or perhaps even just for yourself); they are not only delicious but aesthetically pleasing looking like magic potions. Indeed, these cocktails do include a scientfic twist: some change colour, some smoke and some have cake flavoured foam – a unique experience! Themed cocktails such as the ‘Butter beer’ cocktail, inspired from Harry Potter’s famous drink, appear to be a hit with staff members along with the ‘Solero’ which tastes exactly like our childhood favourite ice cream.

The ambient lighting and comfortable interior create a welcoming atmosphere that’s inviting for its guests – it has even the perfect lighting for your ‘gram pictures.

The Alchemist continues the scientific theme throughout its minimalistic décor. My favourite part was the homage to old pharmacists/chemists with jars including different chemicals, which modernises traditonal styles. The bar itself is almost an illusion. You don’t realise how big the location is until you start figuring out the place and feel more comfortable as you have enough room to walk around freely and socialise.

It is really the perfect place for anybody. It attracts a wide range of ages, from students (although the prices are higher than the ones at average bars) to perhaps people who have just finished a 9-5 work and are just looking for somewhere nice to have a couple of drinks with friends.

What’s more? They don’t just serve cocktails, but an entire food menu which caters to vegetarians, vegans and people who are in need of a gluten free menu. They offer anything, from breakfast and brunch options to sharers, nibbles etc..

My personal recommendations would be the California rolls. They are the perfect accompaniments to the cocktails as delicious yet refreshing and also suitable for vegetarians at the same time. Besides, the brunch menu seems like it would have been my favourite as they put a twist on traditonal breakfasts. I will be definitely trying it out soon!

I’d definitely suggest The Alchemist to anyone who likes to treat themselves to a tasty cocktail or two (or even five). It has a variety of drinks which you are incredibly unlikely to receive anywhere else, which makes you want to come back again and again.

This up-and-coming bar is something new to Cardiff and there is defintely nowhere else like it…I mean where else could you get a colour changing drink?!

If you like magic and alcohol then The Alchemist is the perfect place for you. It’s almost as if The Three Broomsticks from Harry Potter has come to life. So call by, relax and take some insta-worthy pictures of your bewitching drinks.

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