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Interview: Malin Anderson on her new single ‘Reef’

Reef- Artwork- Futureproof records

Written by Annabelle Martin

London based singer-songwriter Malin Andersson describes her music as sensitively stylised folk. Folk music is a music genre that originates in traditional popular culture or that is written in such a style. Folk music is typically of unknown authorship and is transmitted orally from generation to generation. One aspect of folk music that Malin’s song is relevant to, is the idea of it being related to national culture and personal events, as for Malin, this song expresses concern at the environmental crisis, her own anxiety & humanity’s connection to nature. 

‘Reef’ is her first single from her upcoming album Space to Feel, which explores her journey as a “highly sensitive person” (HSP), travelling through the emotions that come with leaving a place of tranquillity & moving to London. The songs show Malin’s story of living with the personality trait, promoting awareness & diminishing negativity towards showing such sensitivity. 

During an Interview conducted with the singer on Thursday 3rd March, she was asked a variety of questions regarding her newest single. 


Interviewer:  Your newest single ‘Reef’ is described to be concerned with the environmental crisis and your own anxiety as well as humanity’s connection to nature. Could expand on this topic and why it is a passion of yours that you chose to write about? 

Malin: “For all of us it has been a rising concern about what is actually happening to our climate and where we are at. And I feel like there has always been a lack of, maybe, information from media and everywhere which addresses what you can do as an individual. Obviously, we know that we can recycle and do other obvious things, but there is still this worry, and it can be so overwhelming to think about what can I do and how can I do it, how can we educate parts of the world with less knowledge, how can we spread the message and awareness. It is something we can work towards and help create a better balance in our environment. 

I mean I wrote this song from a point of being overwhelmed with all of this and thinking how do we know where the world is going to be in five or ten years? I think we already feel the weather changes, like more extreme conditions, and this also might contribute towards pandemics and the wider issues as it is a tougher world we live in already and this song grew from the thoughts in my head which made me upset and overwhelmed about everything. 

I am also in the process of thinking how can I help more? But with the song and I am hoping to raise even more awareness. I mean I am not Greta Thunberg in any way and I don’t aim to be an activist, but I have the urge to talk about it and this is also one of the first songs I have written about in high sensitivity, which is a personality trait. But that is part of it and the feeling of wanting to make people more aware and encourage us all to be more sensitive and vulnerable and stop being scared to show that as the world is tough, and we need to start showing each other more feelings and not just power on through things and hopefully that can help us to be a better community and the world to be balanced.”


“Enchanting, delicate & melodic vocals… Malin is clearly a talented musician with a great potential for international breakthrough” – Soundthread

This song is a powerful expression of Malin’s feelings toward the environmental crisis, she delicately expresses the desire for the world to do more. The beautiful arrangement of ethereal guitars and textured strings create the perfect balance of the calmness within the storm, meaning that her song exquisitely conveys a rather tragic issue that needs changing. 

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