Album Review: Max Raptor – ‘Mother’s Ruin’

max raptor

Back in the 1970s, the UK played a major role in the huge new genre punk-rock. Since then, punk has changed a lot, as the States’ took hold of it with Green Day and Rise Against. But with the Burton-based Max Raptor, the UK showcases how it can still create some solid punk-rock, with their latest album ‘Mother’s Ruin’.
It must be said this is a very good album lyrically; the very British message of recognising and revelling in modern societies foibles resonates very well throughout. When opener ‘Back of a Barrel Wave’ crashes in cymbals are pounded and vocalist Will Ray’s sharp shouts continue on unrelentingly. Only the drawn-back ‘Heavy Hearts’ showcases a different side, and while they seem unsure when reserved, it is a side worth bearing more often. The impressive first single ‘Breakers’ is a short slam that follows the deliciously dirty riffs of ‘Grace and Favours’, yet the back-end of the album reveals a sense of déjà vu.
Overall this is a step-up that will continue to see them be a top live band – they’ve supported punk heroes Billy Talent and The Stranglers – and they can no doubt grow into a band that can seriously threaten the big-time. Their sound is a step or two off of that, but the good news is their message is very solid, with serious appeal to shout down a pop-dominated chart scene, which is exactly what punk is all about.

Marc Mayo


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