Live Review: Tom Odell, Great Hall, 12.10.13


October 12th saw Tom Odell give an outstanding performance to a thrilled audience. The show was by anyone’s standards a musical feast of talent from beginning to end, playing a number of his singles and album tracks as well as a Beatles cover and some new material – bliss!
Despite waiting for two and a half hours from opening for Odell to actually appear. when that time did come, it was easy to forget the packed hall and the heat and be content watching him do his thing.
In the meantime, we were provided with quality entertainment by Odell’s supporting acts, Wildflowers and George Ezra.
Wildflowers began the show with an upbeat American country/folk vibe with flowers and feathers in their hair, managing to win over the fans by their closing song.
Ezra however captured the audience (particularly the ladies) from the first note he strummed on his guitar. With a particularly gratifying tonal quality to his voice and a captivating stage presence, he charmed and intrigued all. His sound also complimented Odell’s very well and was a fitting act to have before the main man himself.
Certain controversy surrounded the musician this summer, due to a infamously harsh critique on his album ‘Long Way Down’, where it was stated his music is “offensively dull piano-pop destined for Brits ubiquity”. Odell does not seem phased, having gained a loyal following of fans and become increasingly popular around the world. It is not hard to see why this is when you factor in this performance – where his skill as a musician, artist and performer was magnificent to behold. Also, lest we forget, Tom Odell is still a relatively new and young artist and it is inevitable that we will be seeing much bigger and better things from him as time goes on.

Bronwen Weatherby 

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