An Interview with Tizane

Words by Alice Clifford
Image via Kick Down the Doors PR

If you haven’t heard of Tizane yet, I’m sure you will be hearing a lot about her in the coming years. Her ethereal voice and emotive lyrics encapsulate a roller coaster of emotions that I am sure everyone can relate to. From sadness, love, heartbreak and anxiety, Tizane narrates a beautiful and raw tale of the challenges of life. While her heavenly harmonies left me with mascara down my face, she also shows off her ‘bad bitch’ attitude, especially in her single ‘Are You Bad’, that empowers and inspires others to go out and get what they want. Along with her incredible talent for song writing, Tizane also self produces her music. Through this she has successfully created a dark and magical aura to her sound. The use of ‘light percussive beats’ and ‘deep wavering synths’ will leave you unable to do anything else but fall headfirst into her beautifully hypnotic music. At the age of 19, Tizane has already released breath-taking singles such as Dead to Me, Floating and Stay Here, and a debut album Cherry, where she takes us on a spellbinding journey of anguish, angst and euphoria in a profound and captivating way. We are therefore so lucky to have been able to speak to her and find out more about the ethereal princess who doesn’t mind breaking the rules.

Quench: What are 3 words that you think describe you best?
Positive, creative and thoughtful.

Q: How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t listened to your music before?
Ambient, and I’d say it’s a form of dark pop, as well as downtempo emotional songs. People compare me to Phoebe Bridgers, Billie Eilish and Kate Bush. These are huge compliments. 

Q: Tell us all about your long-awaited album ‘Cherry’
It has been a journey for a long, long time. Some of the songs I wrote was when I was 15/16. It has been postponed a lot due to the current pandemic, but I’m really excited for its release. I wanted to be diverse with the songs, so it currently contains a few different styles. I want to be able to interest
people who like all different kinds of music. They’re all definitely similar in their own way, writing and production wise, but I like to think that all the songs have a certain uniqueness.

Q: Do you have a favourite song from your album and why?
Cherry would be my favourite song. When writing it I was very interested in blending a retro style baseline with a modern pop style song and that’s how Cherry became. It’s a very dancey song and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Q: What is your main inspiration for your music and why?
My main inspiration would be my own emotions and experiences, I write about that a lot. I try to be metaphoric so everyone can find a way to interpret my music. My inspirations also definitely are my family and friends, since I grew up in a musical family. I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life. 

Q: How has your music helped you and how do you hope it can help others, especially during this time that has drastically affected many people’s mental health?
Music has been an amazing outlet for me, if I’m feeling sad I’ll write a song, if I’m feeling happy I’ll write a song… it helps me a lot. I hope that listening to my music can be an outlet for others. As I said earlier, I like to allow people to interpret my songs in their own way and allow them to relate them to their own problems/feelings.

Q: Who would be your dream collaboration and why?
I’ve got a vast music taste, and I love a lot of artists and different styles. A lot of people wouldn’t have heard of them, however my dream collaboration would most likely be Kate Bush. 

Q: What does 2021 and the future have in store for you?
During 2021 after my album release and a hopeful easing of lockdown, I will continue to make music as I can’t stop haha. However, I will give time before releasing more so people can really soak in the album.

Check out Tizane on Spotify, her website and on Instagram.