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Clinic – Free Reign


12.11.12 | Domino

Back with their seventh album, you’d think that Liverpool based band Clinic would have brought something new to the table. Sadly, Free Reign, available from November 12th (CD, LP and digital download) provides not much more than a party soundtrack- i.e. one to be drowned out by shouting, cheering and drinking. Despite the slightly catchy intro of “Cosmic Radiation” and the almost finger tapping beat of “You”, this is not an album to be distracted by. With the majority of the songs lasting for four minutes or over, much of the album fails to grab your attention within the first listen; even the poppy riffs like those in “Seesaw” and “Miss You” seem to leave little lasting impression. Given the synthy nature of the album, to an ear not tuned in to the latest techno music it becomes increasingly hard to differentiate between songs as the album progresses and although the overall sound of the album is competent, it is also arguably “samey”. If you’re a fan of Clinic’s previous work however do not be disheartened- Free Reign is just as generic and will probably retain as much of a cult, indie-kid following as many of their earlier releases.

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Charlie Mock

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