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Review: The College House, North Road

Rosie Jones takes a look at The College House.

In the midst of the mid-week blues, my saviour and motivation for leaving my comfy bed comes in the form of this charming café. I discovered it by accident in one of my first weeks as a wide-eyed and geographically confused fresher. I was waiting for the bus into town (without a coat or umbrella) when it started to monsoon and hail. Typical Wales. Typical me. So I set foot into the café where I would end up spending hours nursing hangovers and pretending to be revising with friends. Open since 2009, this independent café has a real student community like atmosphere but really shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into this singular customer base. I’ve seen trendy hipster types to builders all enjoy their amazing coffee and cheap but quality snacks.

My usual is a white chocolate latte but they’re black coffee is just as good. The unique selling point about this café, though, is it’s adaptability and personal service. The joint owners Dan Patching and ‘Simply Italian’ Channel 4 TV Chef Michela Chiappa and their great staff really do go out of their way to make you feel like friends of the café- to put it cheesily. I have once even been known to eat there for all my meals of the day! From the homemade granola steamed in front of me, to the £3 meal deal of ham and cheese Focaccia drink and cookie, to the £5 substantial pizzas sold for dinner. The College House has it sorted. I also love the relaxed and cozy atmosphere, even when it gets very busy sometimes. The geek in me also loves all the books you can read for free, the reading chair hidden away in a space in the wall and the fact you can eat your lunch at an old school desk! My only criticism is that I would really love it to open on weekends.

My advice for any fresher living in Talybont Halls next year is to stumble upon this lovely café if you’re feeling hungry bored, sociable or homesick. Oh. And definitely take an umbrella with you anywhere at all times!



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